Hippo or Seahorse???

My parents are both into the whole #pokemongo craze right now.

Just now my mum was in the study room and she exclaimed super loudly for @jongsy to go over and help her catch a pokemon that she has yet to register to Pokedex.

👩🏼: 快点过来!有河马 有河马!
👧🏼: ????
👩🏼: 这个河马我没有!

My parents don't know shit about Pokemon so they use animals or the distinctive features of each Pokemon to describe. Like. Rattata is 老鼠 (mouse) and Pidgey is 哪里都有的鸟 (the bird that is everywhere). Golbat is 蝙蝠 (bat). Hahahaha.

I was like….

Semo 河马??

I know roughly the different kinds of Pokemon there are but idk got anything that looks like a hippo leh.

So I glanced over to see what's on her screen…

Lo and behold.

It's the HORSEA!!

👧🏼: 😅 妈,是海马不是河马 please
👩🏼: *furiously tossing Pokeballs and ignoring me*

For those of you who don't know Mandarin, the Chinese characters for hippo and seahorse only differs by one word. But this one word makes a whole world of difference. Lol.

What are the funny names your parents give Pokemons?? Come share with me! Hahahah.

Having lunch at hands down my favourite healthy food place evaaa



Lai le lai le hahaha I wore the culottes out again today 🌚🌚🌚

Was asking @jongsy if I can just wear the culottes every day for the entire week.

She said no.


Okay what…. Right? Can style them different every day! Hahaha.

It's been long since I've last worn heels out and my feet were screaming in agony every step I took. Lolol. Damn weak.


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