Crazy 8 hour shoot

It's 6.30am right now and I'm up. I hope no one else has to wake up this early too.

Full day of photoshoot ahead, let's go!

Can't wait to get done and dusted with today already.


The waking up part is tough but the morning air smells good.


Totally trying to psych myself up for the longgg day ahead can you tell? Hahaha. I think it's the first time that we're shooting for so many hours at one go. But I feel relatively well prepared so here's hoping that everything goes well later!

*crosses fingers*

Done with part one YAY 😎✌️🏻

Fresh from the camera!!

Always thankful whenever I get to work with people who bring joy.


Getting from tan to tanner but iz okay. I don't think I can ever become really fair so I might as well stay tanned right. Hahaha. 😂

Can't wait for work to end today. Then I'm heading to the gym.


Shall share more visuals from the shoot later!

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