Had the most restful weekend hanging out with my friends and ZL and since I've free time on my hands now, I thought I'd do a short update here!

It feels like it's been some time since I've last sat down and properly document my life.

Every now and then small breaks from social media do me good.

This was last Saturday, at the Singapore Night Fest.

I haven't been to any so wasn't sure what to expect… Eh turns out it wasn't as interesting as what I imagine it to be! Hahahah. Or maybe because the more interesting exhibits need to queue? And we didn't wanna wait in line.


I think the most interesting part is the outdoor food market? But we had dinner elsewhere before that so we didn't try any food there!

Forgot what this performance is called but it was just outside National Museum!

ZL asked me if I wanted to tie my hair up since it was so warm and I was perspiring like mad. And he volunteered to tie my hair for me…… 😰

Presenting to you…. The messy bun look. HAHAHAH.

I'm sure with more practice he'll do better. This will suffice for now.

The food market area, so pretty!!

Dinner on Sunday night at this hole in the wall yakitori place called Kazu Sumiyaki.

It's really inconspicuous and a little hard to locate. I thought it was on level 1 of cuppage but turns out it's on level 4!

Surprisingly crowded given the location and that it was a Sunday night. Reservations recommended!

Surprisingly, the most impressionable dish for me isn't any of the yakitori dishes but this dessert!

Actually I already forgot what this is called but it came highly recommended by one of the staff.

It's mochi wrapped around two different flavours of chocolate ice cream on a bed of cheese sauce which was torched!


Realised that place is apparently quite famous after we spent a bit of time on Google cause we couldn't decide on which items to order off the menu.

Service was commendable but the bill was slightly pricey! About $60 per person and we didn't even go on an empty stomach.

I would return but probably more for the dessert than anything else!

Sharing some photos from the crazy 8 hour photoshoot we did just this week..

Babydoll dress with cute ruches at the flare sleeve portion!

Comes with pockets cause we know you like them!



Dis slit skirt…… 😍😍😍

Thought green was unique so I chose to keep it!

Can't get enough of flare sleeves.. Heh.

I think this dress pairs off really well with those choker necklaces which are super trendy now!

Close up on the details for you!

Decided to go for nude and earthy tones the other day.


This skirt is made of a soft yet thick material.. Which gives it some form of structure. Not sure if it's suitable for work since there's a slit in front. But it pairs well with formal tops in my opinion!

Would have worn this skirt with a white shirt but weather was a deterrent that day.

Tote bag upcoming on TTR too!


Wore the Navy on Friday!

This was before meals la. After meals it's jacket over my top all the way because tummy a bit harder to maintain. Hahahaha.

Decisions in life….. Hmm.


Brought XB over to ZL's last night and he kept trying to place her on different surfaces to see how she would react.

Table, TV console, dining bench etc.


It was funny to see her running about so much because she was trying to get used to the change in environment. Hahaha. At home she's usually damn nua and can't be bothered one.

So cute to see her all gan cheong whenever one of us leaves the room. Hahaha. This little dog very needy one.

We tried leaving her in the room alone but before we even closed the door on her, she started barking already. Lol.

Really want these. Ugh……

Also found photos of me in the upcoming waterfall top. Back from my pink hair days!

Thought the pink x blue combi looks really adorable!!

Miss my blonde hair but admittedly my current hair colour is easier to manage + match with outfits!

More updates on that soon. I realise I really disappear from dayre for quite long. Hahaha. Lemme go be a hermit crab for abit more before normal updates resume ya?

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