Gonna disappear even more from Dayre land this week because THIS 😍😍😍


Whoop whoop.

Already mentally preparing all the outfits I'm gonna be wearing there even though I haven't even settle my accom yet. Hahahahaha.



Got tons of work to clear before I jet off, as usualz.

Busy busy week ahead.

A glimpse of my wardrobe for Croatia.

So hard to decide on which colour to bring for each item!!

Sometimes I wish I have more than one body to wear them all. Hahaha.

Spot the rust/orange pieces!

I'm really huge on this sort of hue right now. Give me everything nude/camel/sand/rust!!

Also hoping to get a nice tan while in Croatia cause the beaches look damn gorg?!

‼️ NTS to pack in beachwear!! ‼️

Went back to Sephora to grab these after seeing them the other day. I'm actually hardly indecisive when it comes to shopping but err I really have too many lippies laa I must admit.

Got the glossy lip paint in Double Tap and Lippie Lingerie in Undressed!

Wearing Double Tap on the lips!

I like that it's a full coverage lip gloss. No need to layer anything beneath! Plus points because it's not sticky at all and pretty hydrating on the lips. Heh. Yay to non flaky lips. πŸ’―


So MLBB this colour!


I think I might like it better than the Lippie Lingerie!

I also really like Bare but it was oos. Meh. Not fated.

So many things to settle before the trip. Plus, I'm gonna be back from Croatia for one day before flying off for a 3 day work trip. Which means I'll be away for a total of 2 full weeks thereabout.

I don't think I've ever been away for so many days at one go before.

A bit gan cheong cause I think I might not be able to check every single task off my to-do-list before the 11th. Hahaha. But the procrastinator in me will only start panicking nearing to this Sunday so all's good.


Really need a run desperately later to decompress.

I find that exercising really helps a lot in reducing my stress and anxiety levels! It's such a good escape from the humdrums of daily life and it keeps me healthy at the same time. I sleep better at night too, on days that I workout.

Here's sharing some love from which happens to carry one of my all time favorite activewear brands – Lorna Jane!

So thrilled when they told me they were gonna send me the Lara Sports Bra.

I personally own like 15-20 of their sports bras #noshame in admitting that. Hahahah. Love the cut and material used for their activewear!

Pricey but worth every penny. I went crazy when I was in Aussie last year because there wasn't anywhere in Singapore that sells Lorna Jane and shipping from their site is ridic ex.

They very generously offered me a discount code just for my readers!!

Enjoy 10% storewide discount code <joycesayshello10> when you shop on! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Now we can all look good while working out. 😌

My kinda colour palette this season.


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