💀 planning will be the death of me


I think I suck pretty bad at planning stuff. Hahaha. I have never planned for any of my previous trips leh, actually. I'm usually super free and easy when it comes to travelling!

Even for my solo trip to NYC. You would think that I'd be a bit more concerned since it was my first trip out of Singapore alone… But nope. Didn't even plan!

Which is why everytime when people email me to request for itineraries, I don't have anything to share.

But this time really cannot play.

Cause we'll be travelling across different cities and I need to figure out how to get from point A to point B to point C to point D.

And also, all the boat tours etc all need to book in advance. Really cannot last minute hahaha.

I can't believe I actually spent more than 5 hours yesterday and today, sitting down typing away on Microsoft Word and came up with an actual, honest to goodness itinerary.

Well done, me! /pats self on back

But anyway.


The inside is really glowy blue!!



Even my cameras feel excited already.

I better prep more memory cards for the trip hahahaha.


Now I just need to figure out the last bit of getting around, the number of outfits to bring and how to squeeze everything into one giant luggage.

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