Finally updated part of my travels to Fiji on the blog – ✌️🏻

Featuring the accommodation that we put up at during the visit. We were lucky to be hosted by Tourism Fiji and so we got to "hop" around a few different resorts!

I may not as active on the blog as I used to… But somehow travel photos and posts look better fully splashed across the blog eh. Hahaha.

I think dayre works better for day to day and random updates!

Can't believe it's been close to 2 months since we got back already.

Feels so surreal leh.

Can't wait for the beaches in Croatia!!! Time to get my tan back on. Heh.

Gonna post up another post featuring Fiji highlights before I fly off for Croatia tonight because I is 乖宝宝 @yeomabel 😚

Keep your eyes peeled okaiiii?

Meanwhile, I gotta go run some last minute errands for the trip!

Anyway, I was being sleepless last night (hurhur what's new) and I scrolled through the old entries on my blog.

So nostalgic please.

Also, I realised that I wrote an entry on being single on 21 Feb. And I met ZL on 22 Feb. Haha.

Fate works in funny ways sometimes huh?


YEZZZZ I did it!

It was a pretty mad rush but the highlights of my Fiji trip are now up on the blog!

Two blog entries in a day. Even I'm proud of myself. Hahahah.

Shall shamelessly plug in my blog url again, please support thanks! LOL.

Gonna head to the airport in a bit cause our flight is at 2am.. Hopefully I'll manage to catch some sleep on the very long flight. Hahaha.



So excited because it's the first time ever that I've actually put any effort into planning for a trip from scratch.


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