Gonna be flying for 7.5 hours, then 2.5 hours transit at Doha, 5.5 hours flight, then 2.5 hours transit at Zagreb, then another 55 mins flight and we'll finally find ourselves in Dubrovnik!

Lolol this @jongsy still has zero idea how Croatia looks like and what we'll be doing there cause I singlehandedly planned everything. She just has to trust me. Hahahaha.

Shall go through the itinerary with her and show her some Google images since we have some time before we board!


One of my favourite airports to transit at… Doha!

I'm like a zombie now cause I only got in an hour of zzz throughout the 7 hour flight just now…

While my dearest @jongsy was out like a light even before the flight took off. Hahaha. Damn envious can. She slept for 6 hours?!


Caught this view while in the air just now ๐Ÿ˜

At Zagreb airport waiting for the last leg of our journey to Dubrovnik!

This is me when I finally get connected to the world after hours and hours of flight.


Like damn deprived like that.

Just got the unlimited(10 days) data mobile card from the Zagreb airport and it cost about $17!


My friends all getting ready to be spammed with photos from me already. Lolol.

Love it when my location changes as I travel around the globe!

As usual, I like to keep my mind occupied on flights since I can't sleep.


Sometimes I can't decide if I should post photos from my camera or photos from my phone. Hahahah. I don't like to mix because…. OCD.

Uploading iPhone photos are a lot more fuss free la of course. Camera photos still need to transfer to phone first. But camera photos are so much nicer!

Ugh. Dilemma of my travel life.

So usually I end up saving the camera photos for the blog (no need to square them!) or IG. Lol.

Check out the crazy gorgeous view greeting us the moment we alighted from our Zagreb > Dubrovnik flight!!



Waiting for airport transfer to pick us up nao.

Can't wait to settle everything down and start exploring this beautiful city!

It feels kinda surreal that we're finally here in Croatia.

We've yet to even check in at our airbnb but every bit of this place looks even more beautiful that I've imagined in my head.


Cheers to the start of an amazing trip!!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜ @jongsy

Our airbnb host was so helpful and kind! He insisted on helping us girls with the heavy luggage down the extremely steep steps to the apartment.

Woohoo still not 12 here in Croatia so my post is still compiled under a day.

Just had a really good dinner at this alfresco restaurant called Dubravka + awesome view to boot!

The weather is just right too. 26 deg C.

โ˜บ๏ธ life's good.



Old town of Dubrovnik. So lovely to just stroll along at night. So vibrant and bustling with tourists and street performers.

40 mins of getting lost and countless flights of stairs later… We finally got back to the apartment.

Hahahaha. You can count on me for anything except directions.

I was telling @jongsy, "you finally can ่ดก็Œฎ to this trip already.. I let you lead the way and bring us to the places I planned okay? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ"

Hokaiiii time for bed and to catch up on the zzz before starting our tour of Dubrovnik proper tomorrow!


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