Funny Croatian Waiter

Having breakfast at this outdoor cafe called Sesame and the waiter is damn funny.

He served us our coffees and said…

My colleague tells me that two beautiful ladies ordered coffee. That must be you.

Then he served the omelette and orange juice and said to me…

There you go, for my future wife.

Asked him for butter and he went…

Normally we don't serve butter, but just for you, okay.

His flirt game πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― hahahaha. But anyway it was quite hilarious cause he said all the above in a light hearted and joking manner, not creepy at all. Lolol.


He also looked at us and went…


Must be the straw hats. Hahahaha.

And right before we left…

I hope you'll come back at 4pm so that we can have coffee together.

He said it with a wink. Hahahahaha. #okcan

Tried taking the local bus to old town instead of walking because the sun damn strong.

And the view is just…. 😍

Pretty flowers growing atop an apartment doorway I spotted this morning, on our walk to old town.

Plenty of alleyways in old town but so tough to find one that isn't plagued with throngs of tourists.

We meant to wake up at 7am to avoid the crazy crowds but failed terribly hahaha.

I loveeee the architecture here!

See, so crowded zzz.

We had to try extremely hard to not get photobombed. Lol.

Gonna make the effort to wake up extra early tomorrow to beat the crowd.

Today's touristy #ootd.

Almost head to toe in #TTR but the shoes spoil it. Hahaha. Shoes are from Aldo. Everything from my hat to my bag are from TTR!

I look quite tanned already but we haven't even done any tanning yet hahaha.

There's actually another way to wear this top.. You can wear it wrapped around instead of the front knot if you're not comfortable with going braless or stick-on bras.

I'm so happy that all the designs I wanted to bring with me on holiday arrived just in time!

All my outfits this trip are from #thetinselrack yay!


Lunching in progress… 🍽

Loving their cobbled alleys.

The port makes such a nice backdrop for our #ootd photos!

We also worked with Foundry & Co to curate a series of vacation worthy accessories.

Catch them on TTR soon yall!

Okay shall stop spamming my ootd… Hahaha. Gonna look for a dinner place now!

At this port side restaurant called…. Actually idk the name haha will try to take notice later when I get the bill.

The view is awesome!!

And the seafood is so good omg. So fresh! Yesterday's dinner was also seafood and equally yummy. So happy when I eat good food cause it won't be a waste of stomach space.

Stomach space on vacation very limited one okay. Hahaha.



I feel like I'm spamming this emoji all over but really is 😍😍😍 everywhere??

There, one of my favourite photos from today.


Had some time before dinner earlier to rest back at the apartment so I changed out of the pants and did another look for the top!

Instead of doing the knot in front, I tied it to the back.


Skirt is actually part of a two piece set that's coming up on #TTR too!


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