It's 7am here in Croatia and we're raring to go!!

I jumped out of bed at 6am today. No oversleeping allowed. πŸ™…πŸΌπŸ™…πŸΌπŸ™…πŸΌ

Gonna be heading to the City Walls today so get ready for more photos coming your way. Hahaha.

I'm trying to reserve my phone's battery so I'll reply to all comments when I get back to the apartment tonight yeah?


Is it got konnichiwa??? 🎎 @jongsy

Check out my Croatian themed dayre banner + DP.


Making sure my DP matches the banner – some of the bo liao things I do. Lolol.

Wasting time while waiting for our bus so decided to take selfies to annoy my boyfriend who doesn't understand why girls like to take selfies.

But then again, he's deep in the mountains of India right now and has no reception.

Even though I don't take selfies that often, I always take them as a joke and spam him every now and then just cause I know he doesn't get this particular girl behaviour.

LOL. πŸ˜‚


The buses here are so unreliable.

There's supposed to be a bus at 7.20 but it's already 7.30 and no where in sight. Is it bus driver overslept???


Lai lai time for a break from my Croatia updates.

Doing a storewide 15% sale at the Citylink pop up for this coming week till 21 Sep!

Fueling up before tackling the city walls!

Randomly bought a handmade name necklace because it was just sgd 10 so why not.


And it only took 2 minutes!

This guy confirm make a lot of money. Within 5 minutes he already made 4 necklaces. That's $40 in 5 minutes wtf?

If he stands there for 8 hours and assuming that he does maybe 20 per hour…. He would be earning $1600 per day???

Tourists' money damn easy to earn leh. The wire doesn't even cost much.


I think….. I wanna change job already. HAHAHA.

The view was soooo gorg but our legs died during the climb up. Hahaha.

Spammed quite a lot but lazy to scroll through so I shall just post a couple!

Photo of the fort which we didn't climb cause….. Legs passed away. πŸ’€

I heard that the view atop the fort is really great as well!

Cliffside bar which we went yesterday.


There were so many people diving off the cliff and times like this, I really wish I can swim. Meh.

Decided to go chill by the bar and watch people jump off cliffs cause we finished the city walls earlier than expected!

Holiday wefie ✌️🏻✌️🏻

Also caught a guy doing cliff diving. Go check it out on my IG stories!

Life as a tourist is pretty good.

Waiting for lunch to be served!!

Am sure we'll only finish half of this. So huge!

Took the cable car and now we're just sitting here enjoy the mountain breeze and the panoramic view.

#sorrynotsorry for the upcoming spam of photos hahaha

It was so hard to keep a straight face while taking photos cause if I were to take another step back, I would fall off the cliff and into the sea.

My heart was beating at 180bps I think LOL. πŸ˜‚

Beach vacation worthy tie back bralet and white slit maxi skirt from #TTR!

You can't see the shades properly but yep, those are from TTR too hehe.

How the back looks like.

This is me climbing up the other side of the cliff.

Sigh everywhere in Croatia is so #ootd worth please.


Anyway! There're two ways to wear this bralet.

You can either wear it like how I did, or tie a ribbon in front but then it'll be more revealing la hahaha.

I actually booked us a sunset dinner cruise but I couldn't access the voucher via my email so idk if my booking went through leh sighsigh so now we're waiting for the ship to check with the crew!

Hmm yes we got onto the cruise in the end!

Caught the most glorious sunset. Photos after dinner!

Booked this back when I was planning for the trip in Singapore.

Can't believe I was considering giving it a miss cause my tummy wasn't feeling quite well in the afternoon.

It's funny how I never ever manage to catch sunsets when I travel. Even all the beachy places like Bali and Fiji!

Today is finally the day I prove that I'm not a sunset jinx hahahaha @jongsy.

It's buffet style and the fare was pretty decent!

Sharing some sunset photos I snapped before dinner!

It's quite magical, watching the sun dip down into the ocean and slowly disappear. The effect very calming. Plus their background music also very calming.

This cruise is damn romantic for couples!


I romantic with @jongsy lor, also can. Hahaha.

The ocean turned pink. πŸ’•

What a good end to very physically demanding day. Lolol. The city walls made sure that we would wake up with sore calves and thighs tomorrow.

And tomorrow we gonna be leaving Dubrovnik for Hvar!


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