Old Town, City Walls

6am in Croatia now and we just did cardio + strength.

Steps, maxi dress and 28" luggage are one of the most lethal combinations on earth.


Cold drinks under the sun while watching people do crazy stunts like jumping the cliff.


Best shot I caught.

It was pure luck, this photo. I raised my camera up and he was about to jump. Just a split second but I caught it!

Is it pro photog! Hahahaha. Nah I kid. Just very lucky only.


This bar is supposedly a hole in the wall (but actually it literally is, you have to walk through a small door way under the city walls to find it) but I think it's no longer so hidden thanks to the Internet. Hahaha.

Quite easily found.. Will include directions in my travelogue!

Very tanned already, after yesterday.

I was telling @@jongsy last night that I'm not going to fit in with all the Korean girls when I head to Korea later this month.

Nobody will "annyeong" me there unlike here in Croatia. Hahahaha. We get "konnichiwa" and "annyeong" a lot here.

Yesterday some guy on the street tried both and we shook our heads.

Then he went "kupkunkha?"


#wearesingaporeans #itsokaytosayhello

And here's a photo we took while climbing the city walls yesterday!

It's so difficult to take a selfie with the sun shining right in your eyes so… This is the best one we've got. Lolol. Was sweating buckets by this point and our legs were aching soooo bad thus we were past caring about how we really looked. But it turned out nice!!

Every corner you turn on the streets of Dubrovnik, you see happy tourists with ice cream cones.

So of course we had to get one!


I don't think I eat ice cream cones much when I'm back in Singapore. Does that make it my holiday food? Hahaha.

More photos of Dubrovnik old town which I randomly snapped over the last 2 days!

Some Cathedral.

LOL. I'm not a history buff so I don't bother with the names.. I only admire the architecture of the buildings.

Most of the restaurants come with outdoor seating and you'll just feel like ordering a drink and sitting there and spending a few idyllic hours doing nothing but people watching.


Quintessential alleyways of old town.

Hokay gonna share more photos from our trek of the city walls later!


Bought it because of this particular one because we gonna beach lyf later and I thought it was very apt.



Okay I stop spamming liao yall ownself go sticker store and see see!

Just got to Hvar.


Taking the taxi boat over to an island nearby!! Can't wait to hit the beach WHEEEEE

Okay continuing with the city walls photos…

Overlooking Dubrovnik.

Old Port.

I love it when photos turn out very postcard worthy!

Candid photo shot by @jongsy while I was taking photos of the port!.

Yep we brought two cameras along. Hahaha. Very exaggerating but I learnt my lesson from my spoilt camera lens incident while I was in Taiwan. Had to dash about like mad trying to find a camera shop which was open on the fourth day of CNY.

Stairs 是累的

Yknow those slip dresses that are all the rage now and people wear them with a shirt or top underneath?

This is one of them! I didn't wanna roast to death so I wore the dress on its own. Which is why it looks a bit low cut in my photos!

So actually there are two ways of wearing this dress depending on your preference!

The sun is like a strong please.

It was like this throughout the entire walk around the city walls!!


It was almost impossible to take photos like this because tourists everywhere.

But we fast game so we managed to!!!


My foot just got stung by something in the sea and I had to pluck out two black pricks and now it's slightly swelling omg am I going to dieeee.

If only I can #beachlyf everyday happy sigh 😌

We also took the cable car up yesterday because we had time to waste in between activities and the apartment was too far for us to head back.

The view was insane….. Even better in real life!!

Risked my life for this shot but all's good. I'm still alive to type this post. ✌️🏻

Number of steps to apartment from ground level: 80

Number of times I climbed up today: 5

Number of total steps I climbed: 400

Number of calories burnt: Too many to count so I rewarded myself with an ice cream after dinner LOL

No relation to this sticker but I just wanna use cause it's newww heheh.


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