On the way to Plitvice Lakes now and it's a 3 hour drive so I have some time to update!

It's pouring like mad now but I hope the rain will stop when we reach!

Took a break from updating because it can get tiring sometimes. So many things to do on holiday. Take photos, take videos for IG stories, update FB, update IG, update Dayre.

Some days I just wanna mindlessly walk around at a nice relaxing pace and do nothing.

That's what holidays are for right?

Our first day in Hvar (pronounced as "Hwah") saw us taking a taxi boat to a nearby beach called Palmižana!

I actually didn't plan for anything on some days because I wanted to just explore the area. Palmižana was an impromptu plan because I asked our host for recommendations and I liked what I saw from Google. Hahaha.


Taxi boats are aplenty in Hvar because that's how you travel from island to island and from beach to beach!


Palmižana was a tad too crowded for our liking but the view is great!

I think one of my favourite parts of this trip has got to the Adriatic waters.

Cannot stop gushing about how pretty they are. It legit looks like this (maybe even better!!) IRL.

#nofilter for real.

My choice of outfit to the beach is this flowy maxi dress with a huge slit in front!

But there's a shorter skirt inside so don't worry about accidental indecent exposure. Hahaha.


You can wear it for so many (different) occasions!!

Beach also can, wedding dinner also can, casual day out to town also can. Quite versatile one hehe.

#thetinselrack #TTR

Of course I wasn't just gonna lounge around a beach in a maxi dress….. Heheh.


Tanned is awesome.


The skies are clear now yay!

Our guide made us choose between the upper and lower lakes at Plitvice and we were in a HUGE dilemma.

After consulting Google we decided to go with the upper lakes… Cross my fingers and hope that it's the better choice! Hahahah.

Can't wait!!

The view of Plitvice Lakes look damn amazeballs during winter but it's said to be below 0 deg C and I'm like NO THANKS hahahah.

Our guide Henry told us about how he drove the cast of the Game of Thrones around when they were filming in Split. And he got to drive Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys leh!!!

So lucky please omg.


I'll be damn starstruck hahah.

He said he didn't get any photos with them tho… Just the autograph in this photo!

Us at Krka National Park!

Completed two national parks in a day, can we have trophies please? Heh.

Video called ZL just now cause I wanted to show him the waterfalls at Krka…. But the waterfalls were deafening and I couldn't hear him at all so I kup-ed quite fast after showing him what I wanted to. Meh. Damn long never talk to him already cause he was in some ulu part of India without much recep.

Okay I'm gonna stop appearing needy hahaha byee


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