Bad Luck Joyce

On the way to the bus terminal to catch our 5 hour bus from Split to Zagreb now and I was recounting all the unlucky incidents that happened to me during this trip.

Cause @jongsy made a comment "eh this trip you abit suay hor?" And it got me thinking….


But it's not the mega kind of suay happenings la. Just small small but they accumulate to make it seem like I'm plagued with bad luck.


Bad Luck Joyce. 😔

Let me tell you how bad luck I am…

Bad Luck Joyce #1

I. Stained. Every. Single. Outfit.

For the first 4 days, I get some kinda stain on my outfits WITHOUT FAIL.

Mostly from food but sometimes from unknown places/things. Hahahah. Whenever that happens Jo rolls her eyes as if to say "What's new".

And most of the outfits that I happened to get stains on are either white or light coloured. FML. I hope I'll be able to get them off when I get back.

Bad Luck Joyce #2

Got stuck by sea urchins while I was wading in the sea at one of the beaches we went to.

I didn't even realise until the sole of my foot felt a little itchy and sore… Then I looked down and saw two little pricks stuck to my sole.

Totally freaked out please. I didn't know if it was deadly (LOL) and when I tried to pull them out, one of them broke and got stuck. Luckily Jo managed to get whatever was left out!

Foot swelled for a while but luckily it wasn't serious.

Bad Luck Joyce #3

Cut my ankle on the propeller of the boat while we were taking a dip in the green cave.

I felt my foot strike something while I was swimming (with life vest laa) and it felt slightly painful but I didn't think much of it even after I got up the boat.

Was using my phone and I suddenly noticed that there was a small puddle of red water on the deck of the boat around where I was sitting.


Omg it was my blood.

Saw that it was quite a deep cut cause the blood kept gushing out. Lolol.

Our guide gave me a towel so that I could apply pressure to stop the bleeding and I felt so bad that I dirtied his towel!


Pasted a plaster over but the blood soaked through.

Hurt like a bitch when I showered for the past two days but it's getting better now, thankfully.

If you think that's all…. NOPE THERE'S MORE. Wait for it.

Bad Luck Joyce #4

Lost my sunnies when I was on the boat cause the wind was too strong.

Bahhh 😩 it's not expensive but it's one of my favourite pairs.

Bye sunnies. You belong to the ocean now.

Bad Luck Joyce #5

We went to a pebble beach and yknow how walking on it feels like you're walking on one of those pebble paths which old people walk on at the parks?

DAMN PAINFUL ONE. Idk if it means that my body is unhealthy hahahaha.

But anyway. I was barefooted when I stepped on this particularly sharp protruding pebble.

Guess who has a bruise on the sole of her right foot now?

I feel like all the suay things are happening to my feet leh. Hahahaha. Why ah.

Bad Luck Joyce #6

Left my straw hat in a restaurant we dined at last night.

The kind waiter helped me hang my hat somewhere because we were carrying so many things with us.

Smart me forgot to ask for it back when we left in a hurry after dinner. It was raining heavily and we desperately wanted to get back into the warmth of our apartment.

Bye straw hat, you belong to the restaurant now. 👒

Bad Luck Joyce #7

Hopefully the last of my bad luck happenings – one of the wheels of my luggage died after lugging it up and down staircases for the past few days.

Croatia really has a lot of stairs no kidding.

So now I have to drag it around on 3 wheels and it's not easy because it's SO HEAVY. 😭

I pray that there are no more stairs from the bus terminal to our Zagreb apartment later… 🙏🏻

Bad Luck Joyce #8

Oh wait I forgot. There's one more.

I woke up with a sprained neck this morning because I slept in a weird position last night and the pillow was awkwardly flat.


Please let my bad luck streak end already. Hahaha. But actually despite all these, I'm still having lots of fun la… So.

Oh, wait. Suddenly remember another one.

Bad Luck Joyce #9

My menses freaking came.


FML very much okay. Had to go buy tampons zz and I dislike wearing them. So weird and uncomfy. ☹️☹️☹️

5 hours of sitting our butts on a bus later….

We finally checked into our ikea style airbnb apartment!! It's so nice here I LOVE IT.

More photos lataaaa!

Cooking dinner for us both at the apartment!!

Prosciutto tortellini and pumpkin soup!


Smells awesome hehehe can't wait to snuggle on the couch and have dinner in a bit!


The prosciutto filling so generous!! Quite impressive leh for something that is store bought and kinda…. Instant?

We were looking for instant food but obviously they don't have instant noodles here so this is the next best thing I guess.

Photos of the apartment!


Exactly like how they listed the apartment on airbnb.

My favourite part is defo the kitchen 👌🏻was sold once I saw this part of the apartment heh.

Everything is teleported straight from ikea to this apartment I swear. Hahaha. Most of their items are, in fact, from ikea. Lol. 😂

Kitchen so cute!!

I want my future kitchen to look like this too, altho I'll probably pick a different colour for the feature wall.

Bedroom. So nice and minimalist!

Toilet is really nice and bright as well. I hate dark and dingy toilets. It's like no matter how much you shower you still don't feel entirely fresh one. 😩

This toilet I can stay inside, take my time and enjoy my shower.


Really love these small touches that completed the entire look of the apartment!

Gave ZL a video tour of the place to give him inspiration for his new house. And also, because the lift in the building is damn ghetto, I video-ed the process of us going down in the lift to send to him.

We ended up getting stuck (cause pressed wrong level) and there were lots of bimbo comments in the video LOL video damn phailz please


The lift looks like this…

You have to manually open the gate, open the lift doors, shut yourself inside before pressing any buttons.

Cold sweat down my back when we thought for a short moment that we were stuck in it!! 😩😩 somemore no intercom one leh this kind of grandfather lift.

Quite scary please!!

Imagine going into this late at night. Like a horror movie IRL okay??!

Because of this I told jo that we have to make it back to the apartment before the sky gets dark. Hahahaha. My heart very weak when it comes to these things one. I cannot.

The buttons. Damn old school. There's also a mirror inside the lift. Urps.


But we won't be using the lift much since we're gonna check out tomorrow noon and head to the airport already!

Plus, got lift don't hiam. Better than dragging our luggage up flights of stairs.


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