Bad Luck Joyce strikes again.

Bad Luck Joyce #10

Supposed to catch the evening flight back to Singapore later but last night I received an email from Qatar telling me that the flight is overbooked (??!!) 😩 and that they will offer me compensation of 150 euros in vouchers if I accept the earlier flight which is 1pm today.

Apparently it doesn't happen frequently one leh for Qatar. Sigh.

Friend called the Singapore office but they have no updates on their end.

So… I think I'll just head to the airport at the original flight timing and see how lor.

On the bright side, we are now at Amelie having awesome coffee and pastries thanks to the recommendation of @aiailema! Thank you for the fantastic suggestion! 🎉

Pistachio eclair SO GOOD

So…. We'll most likely be able to make it on the 645pm flight BUT we have to get to the airport 3 hours before to check in.



Back at the apartment chilling before catching the taxi to the airport. So naize the apartment….. My future home shall be cosy like this. 😌

Then I think I'll just wanna stay at home the entire day already. Be a hermit. 🐚

Wa really pray that we can get on the flight later!!!!

Yay we got our seats on the flight!


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