Just semi-unpacked and packed my luggage and gonna hit the airport in a few minutes!

Nomad month indeed.


This time though, we're heading for a work trip!

It feels slightly weird to dive straight into a work trip after a day of settling back in. I need more time to attune my mind to work mode leh.

Oh well.

At least managed to cuddle with this one for a bit.

Also made ZL bring me out for local food last night, post touchdown.


I really wanted BKT too but I guess that will have to wait till next week, when I'm back for 1.5 days before flying off for Korea!

Standard pre-flight meal at Itacho!!

Having Asian food with a vengeance. Hahaha. I just realised that the next two countries that I'll be travelling to are Asian countries.

Yay to Asian food for the next two weeks!



I was telling ZL last night that my criteria for dinner is that there must be soup and noodles.

We only saw one place doing Asian cuisine in Croatia but we passed that up because probably not authentic one. I think the only rice we had the entire trip was from risotto…. Which didn't satisfy the Asians in us obviously. Hahaha. Oh and also, from our flight meal!

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