Bad Luck Never Stops

You'll never guess what happened to us last night………


And not in a good way. Hahaha. More later, charging my phone before heading out!

So after touching down from a 4 hour flight last night it was almost 1am.

We made our way to the hotel and it took an hour car ride.

Actually after touch down something suay already happened. We left a paperbag of clothes in the overhead compartment on the flight. But I was quite chill about that because most likely can get back. On our way to the hotel I dropped an email to SIA informing them of my misplaced paperbag.

Really Bad Luck Joyce to the max. 😭


But the worst has yet to come.

This @jongsy made an innocent comment as we stepped out of the lift of the hotel lobby.

"Eh everytime before we check-in at the hotel there'll be this moment of doubt because I'll wonder if I did actually make the booking for the hotel."

And because she's usually damn blur (we call her Jory at the office because Dory from Finding Nemo x Jo), I just laughed it off and said "Won't la you got so blur or not.."

I spoke too soon, obviously.

The receptionist took our passports and looked through the system and told us something that is every traveller's nightmare.

Sorry but our system shows that you have no bookings with us.

At this point of time we were still quite calm la. Cause can book through Agoda what, right? Booking through Agoda is much cheaper than if we were to book over the counter.

At least that's what we've learnt from the hotels previously.

So we sat at the lobby, took out the laptop and tapped on their WiFi to log on to Agoda.

But we were unable to make a booking on the day of checking in… So we went to the counter and asked the receptionist if we could book a room for 3 nights.

He said…

Sorry but we are out of rooms for tonight.

Got so suay????!!!!!!


It was nearing 2am already and I was damn desperate because I've been thinking about having a good night's rest since morning. Still had a bit of jet lag to recover from.

So we went to Agoda again to see if we could book a room from hotels around the area.

It was a good thing we usually stay in the main area because there are plenty of good hotels nearby.

Called Sheraton, no rooms. Called Hilton, no rooms. Called Sofitel, no rooms.

It's really δΈθ¦ηš„ζ—Άε€™ε°±εΎˆε€š θ¦ηš„ζ—Άε€™ε°±ζ²‘ζœ‰ FOL leh.

Eventually we found a hotel (still within the area) and they had one last room left for the night. And it cost double of what we usually pay for a night.

But desperate liao so no choice right.

And we managed to book the remaining 2 nights at our original hotel so it was just for a night.

So we made our way there.

Thank god we got the last room… But after we settled in we realised that we didn't bring phone chargers.


My phone was down to 8% but @jongsy's had 30% so we thought.. Okay la we can go buy chargers tomorrow.

Set alarm on her phone and we went to bed. Wanted to wake up at 9am for the hotel breakfast (even though we usually don't) because yknow…. Pay so much might as well eat right?

Her phone died while we slept and we ALMOST overslept and missed the check in.

I woke up at about 12.05pm (the checkout was at 12) and hurriedly woke her up, did a light wash up, packed everything and checked out.



So with puffy eyes we made our way to our original hotel. Managed to buy chargers too so all's good now.

Except I met a few creepy guys on the streets just now when we were out. But anything pales in comparison to last night so I was being chill about it. Lolol.

I was asking Jo is it I really damn bad luck when it comes to travelling recently.

Then she said "no la this time round your bad luck is because you have a super blur sister like me"


Hahahahaha. Really need to go pray liao. Or maybe I'm just not meant to travel this month. How ah still got Korea trip coming up.

Cute yoghurt which I bought from the supermarket here.

#suckerforpackaging la obviously. Hahaha. But it turned out really nice. Not too sweet! Just how I like it.

I like to browse through the aisles of supermarkets when I travel. It's always so interesting to see what different offerings other countries have!

Already planning to raid the convenience stores and supermarkets in Korea next week…… 😏 hehe.

Loving the samples I tried on today!!

And gonna bring some with me to Seoul next week cause they quite annyeong one. Hahaha.

Mentally packing my outfits for Korea while on work trip because I won't get much time to dilly dally around when I get back to Singapore from China. I think I'm well prepared. ✌️🏻

AND OUR CNY SAMPLES ARE ALL 😍😍😍 TTR is also well prepared for the festive season ahead. Hahaha.

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