TTR Goes Croatia!

Launching the very first of our travel inspired collection tonight!

And here are my picks… I think you've most probably seen them from my IG but I took quite a few more so here goes!

#TTR #thetinselrack #ootd

Cannot love the Stradun Split Pants more!

I was really quite torn between the Blush and Periwinkle. Ended up bringing Blush for Croatia and might be bringing Periwinkle to Korea.

This is the kind of pants that @jongsy will take a look and go "eh this is so you".

Legit reason to keep more than one colour.


Random but…. I like the yellow skirt on the photobomber in this photo.



And then we have this off shoulder top which is so apt for holidays!

It just gives off this very carefree vibe. I think it'll look great with denim shorts if you're heading to a resort or the beachside.

And I wasn't intending to look at the pigeon but it just so happened to pop into the frame and it seems as if I'm gazing upon it in a very "oh you so cute lil pigeon" manner. LOLOL.

And also if you've realised… I've been carrying the same camel sling throughout almost the entire trip.


The size is perfect (at least for me) cause it fits all my essentials without being too big!

Actually I'm quite surprised at how much it can fit cause it doesn't look like it can.

I def use bigger bags when I'm in sg but when I travel I like them slightly smaller.

It comes with a cute (and shorter) nautical strap as well but I removed it because it's easier to match my outfits without it. There's also an inner pouch that comes with the bag so that you can compartmentalise your items!

I wasn't gonna keep another colour but after realising how useful this is…

I'm gonna keep black too. Okay what right? Black is even more versatile than camel. Hahaha.

*self psychos*

You can really spot it in every single one of my outfits. Hahaha. Travel also damn lazy to change bags la.

That's why I'd rather find one that is simple in design and easy to match!

Which is weirdly…. Quite difficult to find? Idk. I didn't use to have a fixed bag that I carry for travelling.

When I took in this bag I didn't think that I would end up liking it THIS much. But it proved it's worth and started growing on me I guess. Haha.

At GZ airport now and waiting for my flight home.

It's gonna be a mad crazy rush because we gotta head home, wash up, dress up, put our makeup face on and go straight to our cousin's wedding dinner.

Crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly and that we can make it with ample time to spare!

Can't wait to see my dearest cousin in her wedding gown, walking down the aisle.

Airport outfit – comfy knits, denim shorts, slippers and fav bag atm 👌🏻

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