Bits Of Happiness

Mmhmm I very much agree…. 😌

And these days my bits of happiness come from enjoying scrumdiddlyumptious (which is now a legit word in the dictionary to celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday so kewt) food with awesome people around me.

Guess who's back from Melbourne for a week? Heh. Met Gloria for a short catch up and it was so nice seeing her after months.

Might be seeing her again if plans for Aussie firm up!

Checked out Gemmil's (hope I got the spelling right) instead of another place because the first one I decided on was a buy-and-go place with no seats.

It was nice and quiet today and we got the pretty corner to ourselves!


Met my dearest Cheryl for lunch because she says it's weird not seeing me at least once a week LOL and we had so much to catch up that her lunch hour was completely not enough.

Ended with dessert for sharing at St Marc because it's so us to go for desserts after meals. Hehe.

And dinner managed to come through for ZL and I last night. Finally got him to try Aloha Poke and I think he likes it…? Hahaha.

Happy that I got to see his face 😍 before I jet off to Seoul tonight.

Had my fill of awesome people though not as much as I want to, and I'm all ready to fly off. Crossing my fingers that I managed to pack everything in and that everything goes smoothly for my trip this time round.

No more Bad Luck Joyce episodes!!


Gonna get nagged at endlessly for posting this but… Any recommendations for makeup/skincare products which I should check out while in Korea?? πŸ’πŸΌ #dayrebeauty

Guess who's sending me off?


Gonna miss these 2 πŸ’•


Anyway!! Before I fly I wanna let you guys know that….. My shopee account has been updated with new preloved items!!


Hehe. Most items worn once, at most twice as per usual.

My shopee username is the same as my Dayre handle, @joycesayshello!

And again the team behind shopee is very kind to provide my shoppers with discount codes.

Very awesome one please the discounts!

Okaydokes gonna board soon baiiii see you guys from Seoul!!


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