What I bought in Korea – Day 1

Cheap thrill everytime I see the location tag change. Yaay.

Quite proud of myself today because I was in Myeongdong for 2 hours or so and didn't buy a single makeup or skincare item. It's a rare feat given that the last time I was in Seoul, I bought something from almost every single store I stepped into. LOL. IS IT CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC.


My money however, ended up in a huge stash of snacks.

Most of them honey butter related. LOLOL.

A bit extreme but I'm buying them back for the office and friends!! But I just realised that….. I didn't bring extra handcarry hahaha gg.com šŸ˜©

So happy when I spotted a mart in Myeongdong!!!


It's called Big Mart if I'm not wrong!!

My favvvvv šŸ’•

Spent a good half hour inside just browsing. Cause most of the words are in Korean and I don't understand, obviously. Need to flip the boxes or packaging over to read the tiny English words on the stickers.

Feng diao

Looks interesting but I skipped this!! Scared later too many boxes too bulky.

My must-have every morning whenever I'm in Seoul.


Was done making payment already when I saw this.

Grabbed and made payment again.

Caramel Butter, sounds damn good?!

Love shopping at supermarkets whenever I'm overseas because their selection is bound to be different!

Makeup and skincare shopping I'll catch up another day. Hahahaha.


I also bought this herb tea for ZL's mum because I heard good things about hibiscus tea and I think she drinks tea since she offered me tea a few times when I was over at his place…?

And the packaging is pretty la. Glass jar!! šŸ˜

Candle also from Herb Island.

Smells good and looks chio = BUY

Met my cousin Sop and her newly wedded husband (the wedding I attended last Sunday!!) in Myeongdong for dinner and some shopping after my day's activities since they just so happen to be here for their honeymoon too!!

Also, proud to announce that I didn't lose my way from hotel to Myeongdong even though the walking map doesn't work in Seoul.


Damn touristy and anyhow this photo… But I love it!! Hahahah.

So happy to see familiar faces overseas. Did a bit of catching up over dinner @ School Food, then walked around getting street snacks to share!

Also, they are my life saviours this trip because I totally forgot to bring my powerbank and they have 4, so they passed me one.


Some strawberry mochi thingy which was alright only, according to Sop. Packaging looks adorable tho, saw tourists buying boxes of these back as gifts!

You can also just get one to eat on the spot, like we did.

Some pastry thing with melted sugar inside.

Yummy but we didn't finish this cause we wanted to save tummy space for other stuff. Hehe.



Costs 7000 won for one but worth every won!!

We had one each and it was so so so yummy. The cheese wasn't jelat at all. I would have this every single day if I could.


Flaky croissant pastry with honey coating and filling of your choice. We picked Nutella!

Also, damn good.

If I had to choose between this or the cheese baked scallops….. I kenot. Don't ask me to decide. EAT BOTH!!

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