What I bought in Korea – Day 3

I got a rude shock when I woke up this morning because the clocked showed 7.25am when our meeting time was 7.30am.


I remember setting 3 different alarm clocks and I rarely ever over sleep one. Luckily my body clock auto woke me up in time! Abit late but still in time.

WTF FML leh.

It was obviously impossible to get downstairs in 5 mins so I shot a text saying that I'll be 10 minutes late.

Hahahaha luckily I'm not the last one still!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Really is #iwokeuplikethis.

Plus mtxx filter la of course. Don't even have sunblock on. All I had time for was to brush my teeth, wash my face and pack my bags for the day's activities!

Brought my entire makeup pouch down with me so that I can do my makeup on the bus.

The curls are leftover from the makeover yesterday. I usually wash my hair in the mornings but today…. Thank god for dry shampoo. πŸ™πŸ»

Also brought a beanie so I decided to bring it along. Can cover my cui hair today.

The front says HERE and the back says GONE…

From Zara!


It was also a good thing that I bought breakfast last night….. Didn't think that I would wanna wake up for the hotel breakfast since the meeting time is so early today. Didn't think that I wouldn't be able to wake up to do my makeup and hair even. Hahahaha.

Had my banana milk that I bought from the night before! 🍌

Also had a real banana. 🍌

Hahaha. Bought from the convenience store near our hotel!

Also bought the green milk tea and black + oolong tea since it's readily available here and no need to snatch. Yaay!

Haven't tried but excited to.

I had so much of the milk tea when I was in Taiwan earlier this year before the trend hit SG, so I didn't buy it.

Cute minion milks.


There's corn milk which I was tempted to try but I only saw this after I made payment. Kinda lazy to walk back to counter so nope didn't buy.

Did another round of shopping at Myeongdong last night and bought…. More stuff.

Tried some of them in my makeup (done hastily on the bus LOL with shaky hands) and I liked them! 😍

Individual eyeshadows from this brand called WakeWake i found in Olive Young.

Swatched the colours on my hands yesterday and I liked the payoff. Very buttery too! I liked how the colours looked on my eyes so maybe I'll head back tonight and check out the other colours.

The two colours I got were Tang Tang and My Rose.

Oh and they were buildable + not crumbly as well…. πŸ’― Plus it's affordable! 8000 won each, which is slightly less than 10 bux sing!

Actually I didn't have to put makeup on the bus….. We went to do a facial treatment and the therapist removed all our makeup.

The makeup was only on my face for 15 minutes. LOL.


But their facial is quite awesome I must say! My skin looks quite glowy here even without anything applied. ✨

Okay continuing on what I bought last night…

Clio waterproof pen liner in brown!

Tried it on this morning but couldn't really get a feel on how long it lasts because it got wiped off before my facial. Hahaha.

It's slightly more pigmented compared to my Dollywink pen liner in brown so I had to do it with a lighter hand.. But I hope this means it won't fade off towards the end of the day like Dollywink does.


My favourite buy of yesterday is the Clio Tension Lip Oil Tint!

Got it in the shade Cinnamon Spice and I LOVEEEE THE COLOUR. 😍😍😍

It also feels great on the lips. Very moisturising and dewy.

Didn't have time to take a proper photo under natural light though. Maybe later.

Can't remember how much it costs but I'm gonna go back and check out the other colours tonight.. Will update again!

This is the start of my downward spiral. LOL. πŸ’€

Oh okay found a photo of my lip colour before my makeup got wiped off!

Gonna go collect more colours yaay hahahah. 😬

Tried out being barista for the day and man….. It's not easy at all.


I think I fared quite well at the hand dripped coffee but my latte art was a flop.


It was meant to be a heart but it turned out abstract at best….. So I transformed it into a rose. If you can even tell.


So excited cause we're going to be shopping at Hongdae in a bit. Whoopee!








Omw back to the hotel now! I'm almost scared to tally everything that I've bought. Lol.

Spent the entire afternoon and evening at Hongdae and it was so unhealthy for the wallet.

Our last activity (KING CRAB FOR DINNER YUM) was at Hongdae and we opted not to head back to the hotel so that we could continue to shop. Hahaha. On hindsight maybe we should have gone back to hotel hor? @enateo @brenwho

CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK AND SHOWER. Still cannot believe that I overslept this morning.

Wanted to take photos of the items I bought today but I gave up cause the lighting is so bad and you can't even see the true colours of the makeup items I bought.

I'll snap photos if I wake up early enough tomorrow morning!

Passed by Aritaum today so I popped in to get the Mamonde Rose Water Toner and Soothing Gel because I've heard raves about them.



Gonna try then tonight and see if my skin wakes up tomorrow looking hydrated!

The toner is pretty interesting because I heard that it also doubles up as a mist for face, body and hair if you transfer it into a spray bottle.

I got the smaller bottle because… Heavy. Hahaha.

Also wanted to show you this quickly because it's the cheapest blush I've ever gotten.

From The Saem at only 5000 won!

Which is the equivalent of around 6 bux wtf. So cheap. It's the usual size, not any smaller.

This was the only colour which caught my attention – it's a warm dusty rose colour which showed up nicely on the back of my hand when I tested it in the store. No idea how long it's gonna last on the face but hey, it's only $6 anyway.

There's no name but label reads RD02!

The other colours either had chunky bits of glitter, or was an awkward shade of orange which no normal human being can carry off….. Hahaha. So I couldn't have gotten more even if I wanted to because it was so cheap.

Bought a bunch of stuff from Innisfree and 3CE but I'm gonna hit the sack soon so I'll leave it to tomorrow!

Stay tuned to the next episode of What I bought from Korea! LOLOL.


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