What I bought in Korea – Day 4

Today's #ootd!!

Both top and skirt are upcoming on #TTR so I brought them along since their Korean vibe strong hehe.


Tried my new lip colours today!

I was in 3CE yesterday and the staff at the cashier was spotting this lip colour which was DAMN gorgeous. So I asked her what lipstick she had on and turn out its their Matte lipstick in the shade Warm & Sweet.

It's a tad drying so I layered the tension lip oil tint which I got from Clio. Not the one I had on yesterday tho.

I'm using Naughty Nude here!


Another photo of ma lips today.

It's slightly more intense and rust looking IRL!

Having traditional Korean food for lunch woohoo!!

Feeling so pampered throughout this entire trip. We get to go for spas and wellness treatments every other day and are more than well fed in general.

Lunch was so awesome and we were bursting at the seams by the end of it.

On our way to Sulwhasoo for a facial treatment now and I'm excited because we're gonna get a really discount for their products, even cheaper than DFS. Yaay but no yaay for my wallet!

Earlier at K-Style Hub we got the chance to try on the traditional Korean hanbok!

The colours of this one I picked is so cute and vibrant!

And somehow the proportion of the hanbok makes me look much taller than I really am.

The length is perfect for me! Is it I'm meant to be Korean? HAHAHA.

Me with the other girls on the trip!!


Close up of the deets! 😍

Wish I could have brought it home, it's so cute but then I don't think there will be any occasion for it to ever see the light hahahaha.

Currently at Sulwhasoo flagship store enjoying a spa treatment…..

It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep?!

Shioks. 😌

At Osulloc tea house now and I bought a whole bag of stuff LOL what's new…..

But everything is half the price here compared to in sg. Justifying my purchases in progress hahaha.

And I bought their premium green tea powder and instant hojicha tea latte too! Love hojicha even more than green tea latte heh but it's so rare to find it anywhere!

Of course I had to buy this!

It costs 8500 won here and almost double the price back in sg. Hahaha. Bought to stock up because my stash at home is running out.

Top Cloud for dinner!

Accompanied by the most ahhhmazing view.

We were joking that the view inside the restaurant was just as good because of this cute waiter who looks as if he could be one of those kpop stars LOLZ 🙃

It's the Korean equivalent of GSS today so we're doing our last round of shopping at Myeongdong today before our flight back tomorrow.




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