The Airport Surprise

I just got home and am so tired that my brain probably only functioning at 0.1% right now. But wanna dayre this before I drift off into sleep because…


Had a surprise waiting for me when I landed in Singapore just now.


Hahahah actually don't even need to guess right. Saw ZL standing outside my arrival gate and it was entirely unexpected.

Like I honestly didn't even have an inkling of an idea that he would be picking me up because I didn't tell him my flight details. He only knew I was flying off from Korea at about 4pm ish that's about it.

He also didn't ask me what time I would be landing in sg or my flight number etc.

And also I lost WiFi connection an hour before I flew so I didn't even get to tell him that I was boarding and all which I usually do.

So I texted him that I've landed once I got connected to 3G. Still, he didn't let on that he was at the airport or anything of that sort. So we texted random stuff and I was telling him about the turbulence on flight and all, while I was at the immigration and waiting to collect my luggage.

And he asked me how I was gonna go home and if I had a lot of luggage.

Want me to pick you not?

Errr hahaha of course I wouldn't mind if he picks me cause that would mean that I get to see him. So I told him I was planning to cab but he could pick me if he feels like it.



And it was right after that text I stepped out of the gate and saw him standing there already.

Ran up to give him a hug because I feel like I haven't seen him for ages and also was very surprised and touched because no one has ever picked me up from the airport before.


Legit happy okay.

I was feeling pretty exhausted from lack of sleep plus the long flight but at that moment my tiredness magically dissipated.

Eyes are half closed now so I might read this again tomorrow morning and go "wtf did I typed why does everything sound so incoherent" but I shall leave that till tomorrow.

👧🏼: how did you know what time I was gonna land?? I didn't even tell you leh why you so smart

👦🏻: check online la there's only one flight today from Asiana today

He actually waited from 9.15 because the flight timing online kept changing and I only came out at around 10.

👧🏼: how do you know jo won't come and pick me up then

👦🏻: I texted jess to ask her

Wa really 💯 cause I didn't expect that he would think of checking with my sisters even! #impressed hahaha

Then he drove me to Geylang where we had dim sum cause I was feeling hungry and sent me home after that.

WAS SO GOOD TO SEE HIM. Especially since I've been away from home for such a long stretch of time.


Okay I'm gonna close my eyes for real now and go sleep. GOODNIGHT!! Going to bed a happy girl.


Only woke up at 1pm because I planned to go into work late today so that I can repay some sleep debts.

Can't wait to unpack my luggage tonight… I kinda forgot what I bought already hahahaha. #horrible #shopaholic #needshoppingban


Whoop whoop.

And I have @yvonneyeap to thank because she really hardcore helping me camp for it and eventually got one for me even though the website says OOS. Hahahah. Idk what magic she used but omg so happy.

Not sure if I'm gonna find the plus too huge but I'm mega excited about the dual telephoto/wide angle lens!! I've read online reviews of it and it sounds awesome heh.

Damn sian of iPhone 6's shitty low lighting photos really.

Hahaha. I actually used my phone to take photos of the dim sum last night but really cmi so I koped ZL's Samsung and the photos were so much higher in quality…….. But I die also don't wanna change to Samsung (LOL) so yay it's great that Apple is upping the ante for iPhone 7!

Left side – iPhone 6s

Right side – Samsung s7

Both are raw and unedited! The difference is like how huge?? I didn't even realise the stark difference until I did this collage!

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