What I bought in Korea – Day 5

I wanted to caption this as "what went down last night at Myeongdong" but it's really more like "what went into my bag last night at Myeongdong".

The sale was really good and so many things were either going at 1+ 1 (which is essentially buy 1 get 1 free) or a decent discount.

Can you imagine carrying all these back to the hotel…. And it wasn't like it was a short walk! Shoulders mega aching by the time I reached my room. 💀


Got the Nature Republic hand creams for my friends because they smell damn good and were 1+ 1 too!

I got the Apple Mango, Honey, Yuzu, Wild Berry and Green Tea.

Also got my mum's expensive The Face Shop masks which she super loves. It's called the Sharp Face Modeling Gel Patch and it's the kind which goes around your chin and you can hang the two ends on your ears. LOL my description sux but I hope you get it. Somehow.

Anyway. She claims that it makes her face shape more V. Hahaha.

I haven't used it before so I've no comments.. But it's definitely one of the more expensive masks I've bought. 20 pieces for 64000 won and that's after discount.

They didn't have 1+1 because this mask too atas probably. The original price was 80000 won which works out to about close to 5 SGD per sheet.

Stocked up on my Innisfree masks as well but those didn't have any discount!


I think it's my fate. The things I wanna buy are forever not on sale.

But anyhow they are still cheaper here in Korea than anywhere else so I went ahead!

I'm so sad that they discontinued my favourite Second Skin moisturising mask!!!!! ☹️☹️☹️

They still have it but it's different now. The texture of the mask is now more cloth-like than gel-like. UGH WAIIII. I mean yeah it's cheaper now la but I don't like cloth-like masks since they don't adhere to the face nicely like gel ones do.



Need to stock up while they're still available in sg and China but it's like 6-7 SGD wtf kill me now.

Decided to grab the Coconut Bio Cellulose Hydrating masks because I got one to try the other day and it felt nice + smells coconut-y! It's pretty close to the original second skin but slightly cheaper (I think) at 3500 won per piece.

Doesn't come in bulk discount but their masks are really awesome so I bought them anyway! And it's a new product I haven't seen it in China or Singapore.

A friend asked me to check out the Holika Holika Sunblock Powder Spray (?) for her but I had to visit a few different outlets before I finally found one that carries it.

Apparently it's quite popular because @brenwho has friends who want it too. It's sold out at most outlets and will only be restocked in mid Oct. So idk how come the store I went to has them!

But they smart. It comes in packs of 4 only so I got no choice but to buy 4. But there was 1+ 1 laaa so not too bad!

I tested the sunblock on my hands and I love the finish! It transforms into powder when dried and it's quite amazeballs seriously. I haven't seen any other sunblock which is like that!

Forgot how much I bought them for but I THINK I got 4 for 20000-25000 won. Bear in mind it's 1+1 tho!

And I really need to kick the habit of not looking at prices when I shop. It's really bad. 😩

The rest are just random items which I picked up because they looked interesting. Will share about them here if I find them good after I've tried!

Also, these are not including the makeup items I got la…… Hahaha. Will share the makeup items I got in another post but that's probably gonna be when I get back to sg.

My luggage is all packed (no extra handcarry needed YAAY) and we're heading to our last activity before hitting the airport.


Can't wait to go home already.

Had this for breakfast and I loved it!!

It's so much nicer than the original milk tea imo. Like Koi green milk tea but the flavour is more intense.


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