September Monthly Favourites βœ¨

Decided that I'm going to do monthly favourites posts to share with you guys my favourite products each month!

I have regular routines and products that I fall back on. But I also enjoy trying out new products every now and then, and sometimes I chance upon awesome products that I really, really wanna recommend.

And since I bought quite a bit of makeup and skincare from Korea this time, I decided I might as well compile everything into monthly posts so that it's more organised. Hehe.

I won't be sharing about the Korea stuff just yet. Usually I like to test out the products for a few weeks to decide if I really like them!

If they pass THE test, they get "promoted" to become part of my regular stash. Lolol.


And also, I'm obviously no beauty blogger la. So don't expect all the fancy beauty jargon please. Hahaha. It's really going to be just me raving about the products I enjoy using. ✨☺️

I'm damn insensitive to prices when I shop – it's as if price tags don't exist within my peripheral vision. It's a bad habit I'm trying to kick.


So I'll try my very best to include prices if I remember… That's a very big IF.

Else there's always Google. Hahaha.

Sorry otw home now!

Will start my post proper after dinner okaiiiii.

Speaking of dinner… I can't wait. Feels like it's been 378593738 years since I've last had homecooked food.


Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette which I also featured in my priceofmakeup post on 29 May this year.

I was never into applying eyeshadow until I got this palette during the Sephora black card sale earlier this year. This wasn't the only palette I got but I love this the most!

I still don't put eyeshadow everyday though. Hahaha. I prefer fuss free (read: lazy) makeup looks on a daily basis.

I'm usually quite speedy when it comes to my daily skincare + makeup and can be done within 10 minutes.

My winning combination from this palette is flower child + funny girl + sweetheart + rebel.

I love how there is a good balance of shimmer and matte shades in the palette. The shimmer shades don't have chunky glitter in them and don't make my eyes look like discoballs. πŸ˜‚

I'm quite tanned now so the colours don't show up as well. LOL.

But they are mostly very buttery and pigmented! Even the matte shades did really well in my opinion. The fallout is pretty minimal too!

I usually apply them with my fingers. Hahahah. Lazy to reach for brushes la. Unless I happen to have lots of time on hand and my brushes are newly cleaned then, yes. But that is like a really rare occurrence.

I was never a fan of Tarte but this palette made me a convert!


I have a few other eyeshadow palettes which are highly raved about as well, but somehow I find myself reaching for this the most.


I find the colours universal and feel that it's a good basic palette to own.

The price is a bit steep at $72 but the quality of the shadows are really good! Plus, the box is so pretty HAHAHA #suckerforpackaging please.

Since we're on the topic of eyeshadow let's talk about this next – Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Rose Gold.

Admittedly I was drawn to this because of its name…. Hahaha.

This was an impulse buy. Was browsing at Sephora while waiting for my friend. And Laura Mercier is one of my favourite brands at Sephora so I wandered over to their section very naturally. LOL. πŸ˜‚

I got similar eye sticks from 3CE a couple years back but didn't have very positive experiences with them.

So when I tried swatching this, I was quite impressed.

It glided across effortlessly and was so creamy and pigmented. I love the subtle shimmer and the warm rose gold hue which compliments my skin tone pretty well! Hehe.

I really love how Laura Mercier products are subtle when it comes to glows and shimmers.

My all time favourite highlighter is also from them! You can check it out from my priceofmakeup post too.

It's easy to blend this out on the lids and the staying powder is also slightly better compared to the normal pressed eyeshadows I feel.

I don't really have the patience to draw my eyebrows nicely and make sure both sides are symmetrical so brow gels work best for me.

Got the Benefit Brow Zings (shaping kit) and this Gimme Brow (brow volumnizing fiber gel) a couple of months back and I realise I don't really use the former much…

I'm just damn lazy to sit there and slowly colour in my brows! Somemore will look like θœ‘η¬”ε°ζ–° if I'm too heavy handed. Hahaha.

With Gimme Brow I save so much time!

I already have defined brows so usually brow gels are enough for me. I just lightly brush my brows with this and I'm good to go. It actually acts like a mascara for the brows and helps tame the stray strands.

Lasts the entire day too, even in our horribly humid weather. Pretty smudge proof as well!


It Cosmetics sent over a huge box of goodies to me right before their launch at Sephora and I think I posted about it on my Dayre.

But I haven't had time to play with the items because I was too buzzed with travelling and working the last couple of months.

Will be trying out their items for the next few weeks and pick out those which I wanna recommend.

I did get to try this on my face a few times though!

It was the item which I was most excited about when I was unboxing everything.

I love that the palette is of a rubberised finish…. And when you open it up, you see the words Live, Laugh, Love. How cute!!! 😍

The name is reallyyyy long though – Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk. Hahahah. What a mouthful.

Comes with a matte bronzer, highlighter and blush!

My favorite in this palette is actually the blush. It's coral pink with tiny gold flecks and gives a nice flush to ze cheeks! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The bronzer can be used for contouring as well since it's matte and has zero orange tones.

The highlighter is a bit too shiny for my liking but I think that's just me. Hahaha. I know some girls who like their highlighters with more glow.

This would make a really good travel palette I think.

I usually only bring blush with me when I travel because lazy to bring multiple products. I might actually bring this along with me on my next trip!

This is $62 at Sephora but I think it's well worth the money since the size is so substantial! It doesn't look big in photos but it's actually the size of my palm. πŸ–πŸ»

Another Silky Girl lippie to recommend!

I previously shared about the same lipstick but in shade #1. Saw a few of you tag me on Dayre because you went to get it after reading. Glad you girls love this lipstick as much as I do!

Was at Watsons the other day and saw that they have new colours! πŸŽ‰

So I picked this new shade up because the formula is soooo good + so affordable $11.90 if I'm not wrong and it remains as my favourite lipstick ever since I got it.

I like this more than #1 even!

This is shade #18 Appealing.

It's an apricot rust colour which I super like!!

I think #1 is still more flattering for most skin tones and is more MLBB but I prefer this more since I like my lipsticks more orange than pink. Heh.


Very creamy and moisturising!! The only thing is that the packaging sucks la. The cap keeps falling out WHYYYY. But yknow… For $6.90 this is actually very awesome so I shall stop complaining. Lol.

Got the Laneige Skin Veil Base from DFS during one of my trips a few months back because I forgot to bring sunblock. Hahahaha. I think it was Fiji.

Was desperately shopping at DFS for sunblock then eventually I decided to try this out since it has SPF also.

I've also heard amazing things about colour correcting base products so yes I ended up getting this.

Wasn't expecting much since it was like an SOS buy but waaa I ended up quite impressed!

The purple really cancels out the yellowness of my skin and makes my face looks ALOT less sallow. It also gives a healthy glow to the face somehow!

Nowadays I don't really put foundation and I either use this or my IDS sunblock + DD Perfector as my base. Damn fuss free I like!

I also got a similar one from Innisfree when I was in Korea. Shall test it out and see how they compare. If the Innisfree one is good then next time can save money. Hahaha.

I'm an avid user of the Bioderma makeup remover and have been using it for the past couple of years but I haven't thought of trying out their skincare products because they are lesser known for that.

Earlier this year, they kindly sent me a set of makeup removers and several products from their skincare range and I've been using them ever since.

Their lip balm is also really good! I bring them on flights with me.

But this moisturiser is my ultimate favourite!

It's extremely lightweight, totally non greasy and keeps my skin supple and moisturized even when I'm on flights and in aircon places all day long. On days when I feel like my skin is really dry, I apply a thicker than usual layer and use it as a sleeping mask. There's no fragrance whatsoever so it's great for those of you who feel iffy about skincare with fragrances!

Finished the bottle which was sent to me and repurchased another one after! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist was a completely random buy from Sephora. Hahaha. Grabbed this and sprayed it over my hair and I loved the smell so I bought it!

This makes my hair look healthy and lustrous looking whenever I use it. But it doesn't make it look oily at all! It's just a nice layer of subtle shine all over.

I use it as a finishing touch and spritz it over my hair after I'm done styling.

Forgot how much this is but it feels like I'll take forever to finish the entire bottle.

And yay I'm finally done with the first of my Monthly Favourites post!!

Gonna hashtag this series as #hellomonthlyfavourites so that it's easier for me to find my posts next time.

Shall go shower now and book tickets for my next trip out of sg! ✈️

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