iPhone 7 Plus!!!!!!

Here's a clearer photo of the cover I got for my iPhone 7 plus!

Some of you were asking about it and I think it's a pretty awesome cover so I'm here to enable you if you're thinking of getting it as well. HAHAHA. 😈

I got it from Challenger and it's priced at $49.90. Which is pricey for a phone casing but I honestly didn't consider for too long because I harboured very little hopes in being able to get even a decent looking case since this phone is relatively new.

And usually the casing options for the plus phones are very limited compared to the normal sized iPhones.

My requirements for my first phone casing are usually very minimal… As long as there is no ugly logo and is plain and simple and covers all the essential parts of the phone, I'm good.

So it was a very happy surprise to have chanced upon several covers which surpassed my expectations!

I got this from the Challenger at Tampines Mall, not too sure if the other outlets carry it.

I especially like that the side buttons are rose gold!

The body of the casing is leather, the buttons and rim are rose gold and of metal finish. It doesn't look like the kind which will tarnish and fade into silver but I can't be 100% certain too. Hahaha.

But anyway! I'm very pleased with this and would recommend this if you don't mind spending a bit more on a casing.

Or maybe I'm just biased because rose gold. LOLOL.


My first thoughts of iPhone 7 Plus…

βœ”οΈ LOVEEEE that the screen is significantly larger than the non plus iPhones!

I was initially worried that I wouldn't get used to it because I've never ever had such a big phone. But it feels okay and surprisingly not as big as I imagined it to be. Also, it's really easy to type because the keyboard is also bigger!

I think the only bad thing is that texting with just one hand is not possible. My thumb not long enough to stretch across the screen. Hahaha.


It might be because my iPhone 6s camera really damn cui already. So in comparison the camera on this phone does so much better. Hmm.

I haven't really tested out the camera proper tho. Maybe I'll compare it with ZL's S7 later and see how it fares! Hahaha. Idea right. πŸ’‘

βœ”οΈ Battery life SEEMS more lasting but maybe that's just the side effect of it being a new phone.

Will have to wait on it and see how the battery life does in the months to come.

But for now it seems promising!!

It's so weird but I can't seem to install stickers on my Dayre on this new phone!! Is it the new iOS…… 😦

Anyway. So excited to bring my new phone out for the first day!

More updates later if I form new thoughts upon using it!


No prizes for guessing which colours I got. Hahahah.

Was planning to get these from DFS initially but my friend made me walk into MAC yesterday (she wanted to get concealer) and I ended up looking at the collection since they just launched this Liptensity range yesterday.


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