The Weekends

YAAY my sticker store function is finally working!

So ready to start my work week after a well spent weekend. 💪🏻

Just realised that I left this #ootd out from my updates last week!

I think this is my new favourite way to wear the Petal Flare Shorts. With the Zaha Tie Front Top and the Uje Crossbody Sling Bag!

#thetinselrack #TTR

I know some of you have been asking about backorders. So here are some updates on that front.

Just opened backorders for – Zaha Tie Front Top in all colours and Stradun Split Pants in Blush! 🎉

Pending backorders – Petal Flare Shorts, Flynn Bomber Jacket, Naumi Slip Dress

Incoming restocks – Uje Crossbody Sling Bag in all colours, Alden Tote Bag in all colours, Clover Bucket Bag in all colours

Pending backorders because we have to check and see if fabrics are available before we confirm that we can take in slots.

For the crossbody bag, we already placed our orders with the supplier but because it's our first time working with them, I would rather order first and list them up only when the stocks arrive to minimise any errors. Sometimes the factories can screw up the quantities badly so I'm not willing to take that chance. So don't worry if you've been wanting to get that bag!

You'll be able to get it when we put the stocks up when the restocks arrive. 😉

Just be sure that you're on the waiting list for the colour you want so that you'll be notified via email once you can cart it out!

I actually kept black for the Uje bag too but I haven't gotten the chance to bring it out until today!

Thought it matched quite well with my Flynn Bomber Jacket in Olive. Heh.


Restocks for the bag should come in within a week or two, for those of you who are asking!

And these photos are telling me something.

They are telling me that my mirror desperately needs a wipe down. LOL. 😹

After using the iphone 7 plus for the past few days…

I must say that I'm really impressed by the battery life.

The first charge lasted me for 1.5 days which is unheard of given that I'm quite a heavy user.

Battery life is current at 70% right now at 5.30pm. I started my day at 9am this morning and usually by now, my battery is at 40% or lesser already.

Nubbad at all. 😌

Camera wise….. I feel that S7 still did better than iPhone 7 plus leh.

The iPhone 7 plus did slightly better for the extremely zoomed in photos probably due to the telephoto lens.

But for normal photos under daylight/indoor lighting/low lighting, S7 produced nicer photos! The photos are slightly sharper and brighter and more vibrant too.

HAHAHA but. I still prefer Apple over Samsung la. So I wouldn't mind that the camera is not on par. LOL.


Started my weekend with team lunch at Supply & Demand with the girls.

Tried the salted egg fries but meh I'm really not a fan of thick cut fries. #teamshoestring #teamsoggyfries

The squid ink risotto was damn good tho. I've been to Supply & Demand a couple of times but their food didn't really leave any impression save for this dish.

Friday night was at Imperial Treasure steamboat with my squash babes. I enjoyed it more than HDL because the food and service was comparable and the ambience was much better!

But one of my friends overlooked the price and ordered fish slices which cost $78 LOLOL. So the bill came up unexpectedly to close to $100 per pax. Otherwise it would have been pretty worth it.

The mala was great because it wasn't overly spicy. I usually don't touch the mala at HDL at all.

Would definitely recommend making reservations because they were so packed. We wouldn't have gotten a table if not for the fact that we had reservations already.

They also have specific time slots for dinner reservations. It's either 6-7.30pm or 8.30-10pm!

Woke up bright and early to bake cookies because someone submitted a request for some LOLOL. 🍪🍪🍪

Saturday was spent shopping in town for ZL's stuff but we ended up not getting any single item off his shopping list. Hahahaha. 😂

Also caught The Girl On The Train which I thought was pretty good… It didn't have as much suspense as I thought but maybe that's because I already finished the book?

Was taking random photos to test out my phone camera. Hahaha.

Really random photos, as you can tell. I think the camera fared pretty well at close up shots!

Had my favourite seafood aglio at TCC!


Went prawning after and this was the biggest prawn we caught.


Sunday was just spent being lazy. Hahaha. One of my favourite things to do during weekends when I have no plans.

Which is actually becoming a rarity these days. I am realising I have plans almost every single day lately.

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