Gonna be launching the accessories from our Croatia series tomorrow…… And the pieces are all so pretty!!

I actually spent some time discussing about this collab with my friend Lyds who is the owner of Foundry & Co. We've been thinking about doing a travel inspired series and Croatia came about just in time!

She sent me a few mood boards and we started curating the designs from there.

#TTR #thetinselrack

You might have recalled seeing some of these accessories from my Croatia #ootd photos!

I love the layered necklace look! And so I wanted to bring in one for this collection.

Decided on gold as the colour for our travel series collection because I think gold goes really nicely against holiday sunkissed skin.

Wore the necklace for a couple of outfits. It's so versatile!

The necklace again and a knot bangle!

We also have a couple of chokers in the collection. I have to say that I was never really into the choker trend because I feel like the black ones look very ~gothic~ hahaha but gold ones are a different story!

Candid photo @jongsy snapped while I was touching up my lips. Hahaha. Spot the TTR mirror and the Silky Girl liquid lipstick.


And also featuring my favourite bangle from the series!

So unique I luvvvvv it!

Unfortunately due to some hiccups on our supplier's end, we didn't manage to receive all the designs in time before we left for Croatia.

Only got the stocks yesterday and it was such a pity. I thought that they would have looked really awesome paired with some of the outfits we wore in Croatia.

But anyhow… We will still be including them in tomorrow's collection!

I was so excited that I immediately snatched up my favourite design when the shipment came and wore it out today. Hahaha.

Neh. Give you sneak peek of the favourite piece I wore out today!!

Dinner first. More photos later!


Okay done with dinner and since I'm waiting for my cookies to bake in the oven now, I shall continue with my update!

Here's another photo of how the choker necklaces look when worn. Really damn pretty omgggg 😍 so obsessed with it.

We'll be selling it as a set but you can wear them separately if you want to!

Gave my red lippie some loving today because…. I felt like it. I usually prefer softer colours but I thought red would go nicely with my outfit!

Using MAC lipstick in the shade Chilli here… I like how it's not the straight up red kinda red. If you get what I mean. Hahahaha. Sorry ah #notabeautyblogger so I'm damn bad at describing colours. LOLOL.


This knot choker is also 😍😍😍 please hehe.

Sent photos to some of my friends whom I think will love these and they already reserved a couple of pieces each!

I also kept a whole lot of items from this collection actually.


Making cookies again. Separated my cookie dough into two batches when I baked the other day and decided to finish using the leftover batch today!


They smell so gudddddd. Baking and feeding people with my bakes is therapy for me. 😌

Randomly wandered into Crate & Barrel the other day and saw these measuring cups + spoons.



Would totally have bought them if their measuring spoons didn't stop at 1/2 teaspoon. I need my 1/4 tsp and 1/8 tsp too. Hahaha.

Cookie jars with rose gold lids.


I think I might bake cookies every week if I had these. Hahahah. Just so that I have a legit reason to put them on the kitchen counter and stare at all that rose gold gorgeousness.


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