The Best Kind Of Weekends

It's Sunday and I'm happy cause…

• I'm having a reallyyy good weekend!

• Slept till 1pm today and woke up naturally without any alarms (now you know my natural body clock wakes up naturally at what kind of timing lolol).

• Ordered foodpanda with the sisters and we gonna have lunch party at home! Got a 10% off with my new Citibank cc, so yaay.

• Still happy about the fact that my weekend went awesomely.

• Gonna see my extended family for dinner later tonight cause of grandma's 80th!

Hokays here's my rundown of this past week's outfits!

My favourite goes to this cold shoulder romper with overlapping back design.

Wait for it…

The back flap is adjustable depending on how tight you tie the strings together! If you want it low back, just tie them loosely and tadahh there you have it.


Makes for a really cute outfit if you're hitting the beach!

Also…. You can wear the back design as the front! I kept olive too and intend to wear it the other way round. Maybe show y'all later!

I'm almost the same shade of brown as the window.


#TTR #ootd #thetinselrack

Swear this pair of pants makes me look way taller.


My favourite kind of outfit combination lately. So easy!

Interrupting my ootd update because…

My weekend just became even better. MY TARTEIST PRO PALETTE JUST ARRIVED!

Buying things online is like receiving a present from yourself to yourself.


Be still, my heart.

Even the packaging looks amazinggg.

I don't usually feel tempted to get eyeshadow palettes because eyeshadow isn't part of my daily makeup routine and I usually only apply them on occasions where I have to be a little more dressed up than usual, and also nobody can ever finish using all the colours in a palette.

But given how much I love my Tartelette in Bloom, I decided to give this a shot.

The colours all look damn amazing please! 😍 #dayrebeauty

Photos of the palette casing. It's smooth and matte but not the kind of rubbery material which turns sticky and attracts dust. LOVEEE. I love it when the packaging of products are on point.

Sure, your product might be of great quality but if your packaging is sucky it brings down the perception of an otherwise 💯 product.

On the other hand, if your packaging is done right it just makes your product look all the more attractive.

The palette name is embossed with gold foil and the sides plus underside of the palette are encased in gold! ✨

Had to leave the house to get something for grandma's birthday later but I'm so obsessed with it that I brought it out to take more photos to show you guys. Hahaha. So much excitement yo.

Will take proper photos and swatches tomorrow but for now, I think my favourite shades from this palette would most likely be innocent, whimsy, mod and ethereal! 😍😍😍

Ordered in for lunch today instead of going ahead with brunch plans because we damn nua and too lazy to make ourselves look like human beings.

Foodpanda was our choice since ubereats doesn't deliver to our area. Who doesn't deliver to AMK you tell me??! 👊🏻

And somehow food just seem to taste less yummy when in plastic containers lolol.

And my final ootd of the week..

Kelsey T Back Cami in Olive (lolol no surprises there) and Stradun Split Pants in Black.

Cami also comes in the super chio floral prints. Same ones as the bomber jacket and Petal Flare Shorts!

Can you tell that we're trying to make every possible design with that print? Lol. But really. You need to collect them all!

So obsessed with the back details of this cami!


Hokays be back later to tell you about my weekend. Off to pick out a handbag for my cutest grandma!

At grandma's birthday dinner now!

She's the cute one with a fluffy head of soft grey hair. 😍❤️❤️❤️

My uncle damn effort please. He collected photos from everyone and did up a birthday slideshow for my grandma. Heh.


Lol love this photo!!

My mum totally didn't get the memo……. LOL. People ask her send photos she send our family portrait. Where's the grandma???

Hahahaha. Seriously.

My mum just did it again.

We were bidding farewell to my grandma just now and she went "happy new year!" instead of "happy birthday". LIKE WHATTTT. Hahahaha.

Family photo to end the night!

Love it when everyone comes together for occasions like this.


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