Making bouquets + Saturday!

The plan was to retire to bed early tonight but I forgot and happily started painting my nails after I got home from my brownies delivery.

Plans for early bed time ruined. ❌ Lol.

So I decided I might as well post something here while waiting for the nails to dry.

The colour looks fab btw. Totes my kind of colour at the moment. Hehe.

Only two coats because I left my magical top coat in the office and it will take 5eva to dry if I paint the third. Maybe tomorrow!

Did some flower shopping on Friday to make bouquets for @jazreeltan's house and ZL's mum.

Mighty pleased because I scored some really pretty Kenya Roses and Blushing Brides!


I love the ombre effect of the petals!

Birthday bouquet for ZL's mum.

I didn't eventually settle on wrapping it with the burlap. But it looks rather pretty like that too right?

The final look I settled on!

Ahhh I love making bouquets. 😌😌😌 So therapeutic and I love seeing how everything comes together nicely.

My desk was soooo messy after I was done. Lol. As you can tell I'm not the neatest person around la.

My Saturday started with a sharing session at Marriott for Korean Tourism Organisation! So thankful that I had @brenwho there with me to share the jitters. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We were both so frigging nervous before the session omgawddd. Damn serious case of nerves. I was never good at speaking in front of a crowd and the last time I did was back in uni days.

It also helped that I knew that ZL was waiting somewhere in town for me to finish the first session so that we could head for lunch after that.

Was texting him frantically before I went up the stage and he was all "let me give you some tips". πŸ™„ Hahaha.

But okay la I did try his tips (selectively I must add) and it really worked. Must give him some credit. LOLOL.

After I got done with my part of the sharing I was so hungry that I was spamming him about what we should have for lunch.

Settled on Saveur because we wanted to have it a couple of times before but it was always so packed and the queue was mad long.

No queue on Saturday and we finally got to have it!


The pasta was as good as I remembered it to be. Or it could purely be that I was ravenous.

DUCK CONFIT. I always, always order this at Saveur. Unadventurous but it never goes wrong.

Btw I'm damn amazed by the 7 plus camera. The shots are damn impressive?? Wait lemme show you more.

Taken by 7 plus but can easily pass off as taken by my olympus eh.

Also by the 7 plus.

So sold.

I was trying to get used to the size (my prev phone was 6s) but I think it's a worthy trade off for the camera quality alone! Not the mention the crazy ass long battery life. It's been more than 2 weeks since I've gotten the phone and each full charge still lasts me 1.5 to 2 days.

Okay hahaha I'm digressing a lil too much. Back to Saturday.

Had some time to spare before my second sharing session and I introduced ZL to one of my favourite places for good coffee – The Coffee Academics!

Whenever we chance upon places with awesome food we always mentally bookmark it down so that we can bring each other. Our to-go-list is always never ending one.

I was supposed to bring him on a ban mian trail this weekend but other plans got in the way so that'll have to wait!

The second sharing session went through without a hitch and I was surprised to realise that I'm now much more confident and comfortable when it comes to public speaking as compared to a few years back.

It was less daunting than I made it out to be in my head. And once I got over the jitters, it was quite a fun experience.

Had a fab dinner with his family at The Sushi Bar after the sharing sessions ended. πŸŽ‰

During desserts, his brother randomly dropped this question, "eh joyce, so what do you like about my brother?"

I was like……. 😳😳😳 ❗️‼️ "uhh wa that's a good question. Let me think about it and get back to you later okay haha."

But actually I know la just that the question flew out of nowhere so I was a bit stunned. Hahaha.

Okay nails dry already. Let me hit the pause button. Gonna go sleep first and continue updating tomorrow!

This is why I save your name with a 😈 beside it @nakedglory HAHAHAH

Saturday night ended with this little furry one. 😍 You can barely see her in this photo though. Someone derives joy from coming up with weird things to do to xb lol.

See the face so happy!


Saturday was so good that I didn't want it to end. But owell, there's always the next one to look forward to!

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