Can I just say that the Ikea at Alexandra is horrible???

The products are not as updated as the Tampines branch, and most of the basic items are not on display. The self serve area is so tiny and you need to approach the staff to print out an invoice for most of the items so that you can make payment and then proceed to wait 7495927593 years to pick them up from another counter.

The queue is not even long today and we've been waiting for at least 15 minutes already.


Can't imagine how long people usually wait during peak hours or on weekends.



*breathes in, breathes out*

*repeats 10 times*

On the bright side, managed to score these cute pastel colour bowls for $2 each!

And also, managed to hunt down the extremely elusive gold foil paint for my diy project for the upcoming TTR store. Woohoo. Excites!!

How interesting are these stone textured spray paints??? The caps of the paint cans resemble the actual effect of the spray paint (I think) and they feel damn legit.

I don't have any use for them rn so I didn't buy… Shall see if I can think of any uses for these. LOL.

Spotted them at Art Friend Plaza Sing outlet if anyone is keen to check them out!

It's almost a ridiculous 30 minutes of waiting already.

How long do I have to wait to collect my table legs and a rack?

I'm quite a patient person usually and I don't mind waiting if I really have to. But it is obviously a waste of my time when I have to wait due to their lousy system. If I were at the Tampines outlet, I would have been home by now.


My super cheat meal for one! ☝🏻

Soba noodles in Tokyo Chicken Stew. Took me 5 minutes to prepare.

There's no recipe because…..

I bought the take home soup pack from Soup Spoon last night and threw some soba noodles inside to cook. Easiest meal to put together, looks somewhat homecooked and somewhat healthy. Lol.

Yes that's the bowl I just bought from Ikea. At least my 30 minutes didn't go to waste today since I used the bowl for dinner. Zero logic but whatever. 💁🏼 Hahaha.

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