Decision making…… Hmm.

Post got interrupted last night so here's continuing from where I left off!

We caught Dr Strange over the weekends and hmmmm neither of us liked it. I thought that the storyline wasn't captivating and the character of Dr Strange wasn't really outstanding as compared to the other Marvel heroes? It's kind of like the world can do without him as a superhero. πŸ˜‚

But the ending credits 😍😍😍 The saving grace of the movie. Hahaha. Please stay till the end.

Finally got my BKT craving satisfied. After two entire months. Been having this craving since Croatia but I think we just somehow end up eating everything else other than BKT after I got back. Lolol.

Decided on Founder BKT at Balestier.

There's another place which I really like for BKT but I keep forgetting to take notice of the name. Next time okay! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

No fuss deciding on which dishes to order because we unanimously wanted the same few items. #isittelepathy HAHAHAHA okay just wanted to annoy him if he happens to be reading this πŸ‘‹πŸ» so…. hiiii if you're reading. πŸ’‹

I don't think he used to visit this space or know that I write about him until recently. Lol.

Cropped but the two of them make such a cute picture.


Dilemma of the day…


Or mauve….?

I. Cannot. Decide.


Today's lip colour – 3CE Inked Heart


Didn't used to fancy their matte lipsticks because they can get really drying but I found that layering it with my Laneige lip primer underneath really helps.

I thought it might be quite similar to Warm & Sweet but this is slightly less pinkish and warmer.

☺️ loveeeeeee this!

My new favourite combination for lips! Wore this almost daily for the entire of last week.

I've had the primer for some time now but it was never a habit to reach out for it. Until recently I was organising my stash and gave it a chance. So glad I did!

It helps to conceal the natural lip colour and the lipstick goes on smoothly after I apply this. I also feel that this has somewhat of a slight moisturising effect?

The 3CE lipstick is from their fall collection. SO PREETS THE TUBE COLOUR.

My nail colour matches!!!! Hahahaha.

BUT WA SIAN. I didn't twist the lipstick down entirely before closing the cap on. What is this. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Damn sad now.

Here's a distorted looking heart shaped swatch to declare my love for this lip colour. Hahaha. It's actually slightly lighter in shade and warmer IRL la. So difficult to do this colour justice on camera. 😞

I think the colour is more accurate to what's on my lips. The photo above!

Nts: don't make excuses for people who need to be excused out of your life.

The 2 types of people you should apply this rule to:

1) Dead weights – the ones who stay around but constantly hurt or mistreat you or bring you down.

2) Pop-ups – the ones who run in and out of your life when it's convenient for them and are never consistent.


Abrupt change in topic from whatever's above but hmm I guess this was something that hit me over the past weekend. Oh well. Life lesson. Not everyone is meant to be an anchor in your life. Maybe just momentarily.

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