1st ever Taobao shopping experience!!!

Okay. Confession time.

I have never shopped from #Taobao personally before. The only things that I have gotten from #Taobao were purchased by the sisters.

I always thought that it was a tedious process having to go through shipping agents and whatnot. So even though I've heard people extolling the virtues of shopping on Taobao, I've never tried it for myself because #lazy.

But recently I've been toying with the idea of getting decor items to spruce up my office space.

And if you've been shopping around, you would know that getting decor items from retail stores in Singapore can be pricey to say the least.

So, Taobao it is!

But then again, I have my reservations la. Not all shipping agents are reliable (from my experience when it comes to TTR shipments).

Read up on some reviews online and found SGshop to be reliable and cost effective. It's one of the leading Taobao agents here so I suppose it would be quite safe to forward my buys via them.

Hence I started scouring for my items on Taobao with an assured mind! ☺️

And also, they're having this super good deal for Double 11 now which I need to share!! Double 11 is also known as Single's Day promotion and it's the China equivalent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday la, so as to speak.

What this means is….. You get to save a lot of money. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Hahahaha. Okay in all seriousness. You get to preorder those Taobao items you've been eyeing on at Double 11 prices from now till 10 Nov and get to save 11% off all shipping fees! Why this SGshop so awesome one.

These are the items which I just ordered!

Acrylic tissue box!!!

I was contemplating between this and the rose gold (!!!) one but I think if even tissue box also rose gold a bit too over right. Hahahaha. And also, I prefer this because I would know when to buy refills.

I have been using the tissue pack as it is and it's really irking me because damn eyesore. Wait lemme show you.

See what I mean??? So ugly I cannot. Wanted to get the acrylic tissue box from Muji but ummmm expensive la.

The TB one is only 38rmb which is like what….

Less than $10 sgd!

Oooh okay this. I've been looking for a huge full length mirror since I moved into my new space. I never knew that mirrors can be so expensive in Singapore until I started looking wtf.

A similar one at Crate and Barrel is anywhere between $400-$1000+. πŸ’Έ

I mean yeah the quality is so much better and the design also looks better but do I really need a $1000 mirror to show me how I look like every day?


Don't think so.

This is 188rmb for the size I want. Pretty affordable if you ask me.

Less than $50 sgd!

My current mirror situation.
Cannot la. Damn cui.

ALSO!! I went to search for vases because I'm always running out of vases to put my flowers in when I do bouquets/arrangements.

SO CHIO and only 59rmb!!!

These tall ones….. 😍😍😍

And these glass ones with gold rims!

So… I'm carting all these out in a bid to do a mini makeover for my office. Which honestly already looks very cosy and nice but I think these items will make it look even more awesome than it already is.

Can consider these items for #dayrehomes too? Hehe. Lemme know if you want the links to any items!

Okay another thing if you wanna save more money. Download the SGshop app to enjoy FREE service fees.

If you have Maybank cards, all the better. You get to enjoy 22% instead of 11% off shipping fees!

If your purchases total up to more than S$100 – which is not difficult la so many thousand things to buy from Taobao – you get a scratch card and stand to also win cash prizes and vouchers. Each order above S$100 entitles you to one scratch card chance.

If you're a bit more of a shopaholic like me (HAHAHA), you get $11 SG rewards instantly. It works like cash and can be used to offset your next order.

If you're new to SGshop, use this promo code "WELCOME10" to get 10% off your first purchase, no min. purchase required!

Also stand a chance to win an Apple iPhone 7 Plus (worth $1,588)* via my link below!

*Contest is only open to newly registered SGshop members from 1st to 31st November 2016.

Now we can all hold hands and go shop on Taobao! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

#SGshop1111 #taobao #sp

In other news……. I did something to my hair today!!!!!

Always a good time at Covo.


Visited their Katong outlet today! It's actually a lot more convenient for me as compared to Keong Saik since it's near my workplace.

Went short(er) and dark(er)!

Kinda miss normal coloured hair already. Been blonde for so long that I don't even remember how I look like before.

The length was decided on impulse but am not regretting my decision!


Kept a little bit of highlights in my hair tho…. Couldn't bear to get rid of all the blonde. Lolol.

Damn bad angle but but but it shows my eyeshadow so there you go.

I really like doing the one shade eyeshadow look because it's so easy x fuss free x quick!!

Used the rusty shade from my Tarteist Pro Palette but can't remember what name is that. Heh. πŸ™ƒ

This was my old hair colour.

Dark brown's a good change! I like it!


Signboard is up and looking fab!


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