Let me get over this shock of this for a bit.

As upsetting as the news may be, I guess this is sometimes a very unfortunate side effect that comes along when your business expands.

Along the way of expansion, you may lose sight of what you started out to achieve for the company, management policies may go awry, employees may not be happy with certain practices put in place, finances may be rocky.

It also reflects that brand awareness and the amount of Instagram followers does not necessarily equate to business success.

Nor does the number of physical stores, the size of your warehouse, staff strength or how often you grace the runways showcase the financial health of the company.

There's really so much more to a fashion label beneath all the glitzy jazz. And sometimes I wonder if I'm equipped with the know-how to make everything work. Probably not. I don't think so.

And honestly the self doubts get a tad overwhelming sometimes.

But having some faith helps.

Faith in whatever we've built up so far and faith in the people who having been unfailingly by our side when it comes to running TTR. ✨

Okay on to a more light hearted question – what do I do with my #Girlboss book now? Hahaha.


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