Happy Monday, Dayre friends!

Gonna be a good week cause it's a short week for me. Flying off for a half-work-half-leisure trip this Friday! Not prepared at all, as usual. But I'm sure things will iron out by the time Friday rolls around.

Heading to the Orchard Gateway store now to take a peek at the progress of reno works. Hopefully we can do our soft opening before I fly off on Friday.

*crosses fingers*

Fitting rooms are already up, to my surprise.
Woohoo. 🎉

A rundown of my to-do/buy things for the store:

✔️ mannequins to "model" our new arrivals
✔️ speakers for music
✔️ made-to-measure curtains for fitting rooms
✔️ put out hiring notice
✔️bring spray paint cans to store
✔️ storage boxes for hangers

That's all.

For now.

Checking curtains off my list. Maybe I should ask my factory to do it for me. Would have saved a whole lot of money, I imagine. 😂

Yknow how certain places, scents and songs are memory triggers?

Well, today's errands brought me on a mini walk down memory lane.

This dark, dank and dingy stairway to our previous office located along the Geylang shophouses.

We were shopping for spotlights along Geylang and decided to park at the same carpark which we bought our season parking for when TTR was housed there. And memories during those 2 years came flooding back in nostalgic waves.

I still remember this place well.

This particular stairway we used to complain about.

We hated having to walk all the way up every day.

We hated that our neighbour on level 2 used to smoke and make the entire stairway smell of cheap cigs.

Even the shipment company uncle and auntie hated this stairway.

They used to complain endlessly each week whenever they sent shipments our way. They would ask us in between pants "when y'all shifting out ah?" We would help them out by taking over the shipments mid-stairs but I think they still felt immense relief when we finally told them "we got new office already!"

I remember we used to really feel the Christmas spirit whenever year end looms, because the shophouse below our office would be occupied by this shop selling Christmas trees and decorations. Then they would switch to selling CNY decorations once Christmas is over.

Also, unlike our current office, there was no convenient place nearby (or it could be that we were lazy) for us to have lunch at so we often skip lunches.

I remember the spots we used to take our ootds at.

The exact same spots which felt strangely familiar when we walked past just now.

I still remember this place well.

And also, I was being too hopeful when I said I wanted the store to be up and running before I fly off this weekend.

The flooring laminates that we wanted are oos and the earliest that they would be back in stock would be next Tuesday.

为何 😭😭😭

Management confirm nag me to the ends of the universe cause they've been rushing for us to open. Ugh.

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