Hawaii In Bali πŸŒ΄

Gonna pause the HK updates for a while because I have something else to share!

My new favourite skincare range which I discovered while on holiday. I don't usually do advertorials or sponsored posts for skincare unless I've tried them out for myself and see good results.

Over the few days of my Bali trip, I started using and really like this particular range of products from Alba Botanica.

Will be sharing about them together with visuals from Bali, Lovina in this post!

Bali was a much needed respite after dealing with all the riff raff of TTR's Gateway opening.

First time in my life that I didn't fuss about what outfits to bring, which lenses to bring for my camera and what shoes to match with my outfits.

It was swimwear and beachwear errrday, no camera and just flip flops! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

It was meant to be a relaxing and "nua the days away" kinda vacation so I decided to give myself a break from packing an "Instagram-ready" luggage. Hahaha.

It was pure laziness and I didn't even pack my makeup pouch along.


Went makeup free all day everyday and I truly felt like it did some good to my skin. (And yay I managed to get a really nice bronze from this vacay!) ✌🏽

Was even contemplating not to bring any skincare because LOL #lazy and #cantbebothered but Alba Botanica sent their new range of Hawaiian skincare over and I brought the entire set along. Saved me a whole lot of agony in deciding what to pack in my luggage.

I'm usually really picky about what skincare products I use due to the sensitive nature of my skin.

It's been acting up a bit more than usual recently so I'm monitoring it to see if it's due to certain products that I'm using.

Was contemplating if I should bring some of my regular skincare products just to be safe.

But I read that the products under Alba Botanica are hypo-allergenic with no parabens, phthalates and made of 100% vegetarian ingredients so I cast my worries aside and brought them along!

Brought a bit of Hawaii with me along to Bali. Hehe.

They sent me the facial cleanser, facial scrub, toner, facial mask, moisturiser, 3-in-1 clean towelettes and eye gel!

Really is whole set so I didn't bring a single skincare item with me other than these.


I love how the products smell like pineapples!

I got a confession to make.

We forgot to bring body wash so I ended up using the facial cleanser as body wash too. So I waltzed around smelling like pineapples every single day when I was in Bali. 🍍Hahaha.

I gotta say that the cleanser is really good!

I didn't notice it when I was in Bali, but my skin was generally quite soft and supple (with minimal grease) after using it. I usually blot once or twice a day but I didn't find the need to those few days in Bali.

There was also no tight sensation after I used it, which meant that it didn't dry out my skin too much.

Definitely gonna be repurchasing this after I'm done with this bottle!

Other than the cleanser, I also used the oil-free moisturiser every single night because my skin tends to get dry when I go under the sun for an extended period of time.

And my face didn't peel at all despite getting a pretty intense tan. The texture was also really light and easily absorbed by the skin, one of the attributes I like in my moisturisers.

Soaking in the pool with my kindle in hand and a peace of mind because I know Alba Botanica will keep my skin well hydrated under the sun!

I generally prefer having at least a light layer of makeup on my face but I felt more comfortable going bare skinned while using the Alba Botanica range of products because my skin felt so fresh and invigorated.

I actually felt good while without having makeup on and I could get used to that feeling. ☺️

Using the Alba Botanica products will make you feel like you're on vacation.

For real.

I like the tropical scents that come with their different products because they smell so nice and natural and not overpowering in any way!

Really appreciated being able to just float around doing nothing and not having to care about looking 100% makeup perfect while on vacation.

Do beautiful the natural way!

Also, do champagne in the pool at least once in your life.


My friend brought along his camera which was able to take underwater shots so we tried to do some underwater shots of the products!

It was quite a fun experiment but most shots turned out blur because we noob. Haha.


This is the facial scrub.

I like scrubs. πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

They make my face feel extra smooth after using. Heh.

Woohoo finally a semi decent shot! πŸ’―

LOVEEE THESE! I personally like using products from the same range together because I find that it amplifies the promised effects.

The winning product from the set for me was this…

The eye gel!

Y'know how sometimes when you don't get enough sleep and the next morning you feel that your eyes are extra achy?

Or when your sodium intake is too high the previous night and your eyes turn out all puffy and swollen in the mornings?


It's super lightweight because of the gel texture.

And when you apply it around your eye area, there's a slight cooling effect. So amazing please! I've been using it every morning as part of my routine ever since I tried it out for the first time.

LOVE IT! ❀️❀️❀️

The products are conveniently available at Watsons, or you can check out their website at http://www.albabotanica.sg/hawaiian/#skincare.

They also have an online store which makes things so easy!

What I've learnt in recent years is that skincare doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.

And I really enjoy discovering and sharing about products which are awesome yet inexpensive.


Had this for lunch today cause ma frens came to visit!

I wonder what took me so long to try given that it's just right below the TTR store on level 1. Hahaha.

All I knew is that they are famous for their dry truffle ramen and that they have neverending queues during meal times!


Just realised how difficult it is to properly update my dayre when I'm working shifts at the store.


But anyway. I LOVE THE TRUFFLE RAMEN! Ordered the dry and #noregrets at all man. The noodles were well seasoned and springy (they let you choose the texture of your noodles!), the truffle flavour was prominent but not overwhelming, and the chashu was just about perfect. Yummmz.

Please give this a try if you haven't! Would def recommend you to avoid the peak hours tho. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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