Days begin early here in Cambodia.

We're already up and seated at breakfast!

So difficult to get out of bed this morning. 😩 Not for me, but someone la. Shall not name the person.

Savouring every moment of our breakfast with a view.



We also ordered a lychee panna cotta which ZL strongly approves of. He says it's "on point with this icon 👌🏻"

I really like the homemade jam selection and the bread basket!! #bread4lyf

We took the tuktuk out to the floating village for the boat tour this morning. Halfway through the 1.5 hour journey, we realised that we left all our cash in the villa.

#champion #winner #best

Our faces were literally like this 😨😨 but I was generally quite chill cause @jongsy has trained me well. Always expect blur shit to happen on travels. Hahahaha.

We didn't have to pay the driver on the spot since he was from the hotel… But the boat tour cost 20usd per pax and we had zero on us.


Couldn't decide if we should turn back since it would more than double the travelling time. So I suggested to continue to the boat tour place and see if they accept card payment.

The good thing was that ZL brought his wallet along, which had 100sgd cash.

So we reached there, and ZL asked the driver if he could help us charge the cost of tour to the villa. The villa was gonna send someone down with the cash but that would mean we had to wait for 30 minutes.

ZL suggested approaching other tourists to see if anyone would be willing to exchange usd for sgd with us.



How did we know they are from Singapore, you may ask.

The guy was wearing an army singlet!

Never felt so glad to see someone in army singlet before. *bursts into tears of relief*

Luckily for us, they were really friendly and also happened to have extra usd on them.

Crisis averted. 👌🏻

Really damn lucky this trip I cannot.


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