Very excited for team bonding today!

And also very excited to meet my friends this weekend and the coming week! Both old and new friends!


Non stop excitement in my life, hence the over usage of exclamation marks. Soz. Hahaha.

For those of you who are still gift hunting… The ever popular snowflake necklaces by Sensibar are now back up on TTR!


I'm a proud owner of one myself. โœŒ๐Ÿป๏ธ

Also gifted a few of these to some of my friends last year for Christmas!


It's so dainty. I love tiny pendants for everyday wear. They practically go with any kind of outfits since they look so unobtrusive.


Gotta love the thought that @jazreeltan always puts into packaging her jewellery. And I really like the sentence that accompanies this necklace – You're Once In A Lifetime.

If you're looking for a gift with meaning for your girlfriends, this is it!

Already available on site โžก๏ธ!

TGIF with @bbernice yay!

Chilled at this place called Hopheads. Food and drinks are priced pretty average but somehow everything feels damn overpriced after I came back from Cambodia lolol. USD0.50 draft beer and USD1 shots are really hard to beat I guess.

But overall nice space to relax and unwind since it's pretty hidden and away from the main town area!

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