ECP date


Waiting for this little darling's blood test results at the vet's so I'll just give my weekend a quick update!

Terrified because she abhors visits to the vet. But still looking kiss worthy! πŸ˜πŸ’‹

Dinner and desserts with a long time girlfriend and her guy. Entirely new experience for me so it felt 2% weird but 98% interesting.

I was never placed in this kind of social settings so hmm I didn't quite know what to expect and how to behave LOLOL.

Definitely feels different as compared to when I meet my friend alone. But not in a bad way.

But ah okay it went well and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I hope.

I think some my friends are pretty keen to meet ZL in real life actually…… Rather than just reading about him. HAHAHA.

"Eh bring your bf la" "Why you dont want???" "Bring ZL leh I wanna meet him" "Why he never come? Thought finally can see him"


Also paid a visit to my friend Aloy's store at Suntec because it was his grand opening on Saturday!


VERY HAPPY FOR MY FRIEND. He has really came a longggg way. Can't wait for our gathering next week!

Okay I distracted cause I just realised that my nail colour matches my sneaks perfectly!


Loving this pair of New Balance that was sent to me. Plus plus plus. They are damn comfy!!!!

Wore the white pair out on Saturday.

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: your shoes look damn comfortable. I'm jealous.

Cause he was wearing a pair of formal shoes for a wedding lunch. πŸ˜‚

More photos coming up on IG soon!

The rest of Saturday night was spent at ECP. ZL brought me to the breakwater (which I totally had zero idea what a breakwater was….. LOL) and gave me a Geekology 101 lesson on how breakwaters prevent the waves from corroding the land and energy conversions hahahahah.

While he was explaining I had an outburst of laughter. His serious face I cannot.


It would have been really nice and quiet if not for a group of people who were also there at the same time as we were.

The waves almost reached our toes and the stars were so nice against the dark sky.


Next time we need to bring a mat along so that we can lie there!

Drove in JB and got stuck in a 3 hour drive back.

I wasn't too annoyed at that because 1) I wasn't the one driving LOLOL and 2) I was having a ball of time throwing him random questions and singing along to songs on the radio.

πŸ‘§πŸ»: 3 hour traffic jam okay what…. you can spend more time with me

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: yeah jam 10 hours also can



And also…. I should really update about my HK trip.

But I have this mantra recently which goes like this – Offline is the new luxury.

Hahaha. Starting to appreciate my offline moments a lot more nowadays. When I'm out with company I just tend to stay off social media or just not use my phone altogether. When I reach home after a long day out, I catch up on updates on my social media and BAM the day is over. No time to update. πŸ˜‚ #truestory

But yezzzz gonna update about HK tomorrow. No excuses!

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