And of course I had to bring him to Mongkok, where the neon lights comes to life after the sky turns dark.

There was one night we wandered randomly into an arcade to clear our HK coins and it was so fun!

So many different kinds of food on the streets we were spoilt for choice.

Everything seems to taste good but stomach space limited leh. šŸ˜©

Speaking of which. I asked him which was the best meal we had in HK and his answer left me completely dumbfounded. Hahahaha.

šŸ‘¦šŸ»: the coconut milkshake with pearls was the best

Which wasn't planned btw. It was a totally random buy cause he wanted a drink with pearls. It was nice la but wasn't overly fantastic imo. Lol.

Ladies Street which is totally a major tourist trap LOL but we had a good time strolling through it still.

Okay just realised I'm updating on a new day but lazy to turn back time so wtv let's just roll with it. šŸ’šŸ»

We ate like calories didn't count in Hong Kong.

Matcha soft serve which was supposed to be strawberry but oh well, life doesn't always go the way you want it to. šŸ˜‚

Visited Oddies after missing it last year.

I wasn't intentionally looking for it but it happened to be on the same street as Kau Kee Beef Noodles so why not? Hehe.


Said beef noodles.

Tried this when I was in HK with @jongsy last year and I enjoyed the curry one so much that I was adamant on bringing ZL there cause I thought he would like it.

Well. He liked it but he liked the coconut pearl thing more. šŸ™„ HAHAHA.

He requested to have dim sum for at least one meal while we were in HK so being the ever awesome girlfriend (I KID HAHAHA), I did some quick googling and off we went to Lei Garden for our last lunch in HK.

Best dim sum I've ever had even though it was pretty pricey. But no regrets. Our tummies agree. Wouldn't order the liushabao and the carrot cake again but the rest was pretty damn amazing.

Mini egg tarts were my absolute favourite.

So flaky and buttery and the egg custard had just the right amount of sweetness to it. I could have gobbled 10 of this at one go.

We each ranked the dishes according to how much we liked them and his was the siew mai. BORING. šŸ˜‚

This shot damn act emo. We were in fact really emo-ing because it was our last few hours in HK before returning to reality. Hahaha.

There was one night before we slept – I asked him about his favourite part of the trip and I in turn shared about mine.

Before I get on with our favourite parts of the trip, I'm gonna insert a few photos of the grumpy looking but super cute cats we saw!

I'm not a cat person mainly because I can never understand how temperamental cats are. And I never know when they will wanna take a swipe at me with their claws or hiss at me hahahah.

There seems to be more pet stores selling cats than dogs in HK! Is it HK people into cats more? šŸ¤”

Whatchu looking at šŸ‘ŠšŸ»šŸ’¢


Its perpetually grouchy face amuses me to no end. Lolol.

Enthralled by the cat whisperer aka my boyfriend.


We spent ages at every single place which houses animals. Hahahaha. I know what kind of itinerary to plan for our overseas trips in future already.

His favourite part of the trip…

Was actually when we chilled at this cafe in Tai Hang called Unar Coffee.

Ehh it was really a bit surprising when I found out that he liked it so much cause I didn't think that he would like such hipster places. Hahahah. It's quite different from the places he usually hangs at with his friends.

I listed down a few cafes which I wanna check out but this was the nearest to our accom!

Strolled around for about 15 to 20 minutes and found it. šŸŽ‰

Love everything about this place! The industrial vibes + concrete steps for people to sit on just right outside the cafe.

I think we were lucky cause it was late-ish and drizzling slightly when we reached. So the cafe was pretty deserted even tho it was a Sunday!

We sat there for a good hour just watching life go by and chatting mindlessly about random stuff. I don't even remember what we were talking about already.

The drinks we had were sadly not up to expectations.

But it was a good, slightly chilly first evening in Hong Kong.


Does this mean I can bring him to more hipster places next time? We visited one in Siem Reap and he really liked it too. Is it he secretly hipster. Hahahaha.

My favourite part of the trip…

Is the part we went hiking. Okay actually I don't even think it's considered a hike because it was all easy breezy.

It took us about an hour to hit the peak (would have been lesser if we weren't snapping away on our phones but hey that's half the fun) and another hour to head back down.

The starting point of our hike! Took the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station and bus number NWFB 9 to To Tei Wan.

To be honest we weren't entirely sure but we spotted quite a few people who dressed up sportily and happily followed them. Hahaha.


This is the sign you should look for at the bus terminal!

This is where we started our hike up Dragon's Back.

Not difficult to find at all!

I initially wanted to go for Lion Rock but it was supposedly a lot more challenging so I decided to go easy on him and chose this trail instead. šŸ™ƒšŸ™ƒšŸ™ƒ HAHAHA.

It was pretty chilly once we got to the top and I was glad that I was dressed in long tights and a windbreaker!

Would def recommend long tights because some parts of the trail had protruding branches which might scratch your legs.

Love this view. This was taken right at the peak I think? It was sooooo windy and my hair was flying in all directions. It was really a good thing that I had it tied into a ponytail!

This view was right before we reached the peak!


Yknow how sometimes photos make a place look x100000 better than it originally is?

This isn't one of those times.

This view is so much more breathtaking IRL. If you ask me to climb for another hour for this, I would happily oblige.

One of my fav photos taken while on Dragon's Back!

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