Stuck in a massive jam otw to meet ma fwens for lunch so shall give this space some love. Everyone seems to be heading to town these few days.

The traffic is cray.

Human traffic is also cray.

Really lazy to update recently. I think the festive season is getting to me. Hahaha. #anyexcusealsocan

Gonna give myself a small break over this Christmas weekend because after this…. It's gonna be back to back CNY launches ALL THE WAY GUYS.

The CNY designs are already piling in and I'm all 😍😍😍 I tell you.

Already stocked mega cute lace sets (top, skirt and shorts) at our Citylink and Gateway stores. Think some of you already went home with those.


Met my dearest Low ε€ͺε€ͺ because I haven't seen her for almost 2957489202 years and our glue almost disintegrating already. Hahaha.

Did our usual Grain Traders and then had our usual matcha soft serve drink because "old and boring places" also can according to @jazreeltan. Hehe.

Anyway I think we're interesting enough for each other. πŸ™ƒ

IS IT WE TELEPATHY cause I bought her cookies and she bought me cookie cutters (which are rose gold!!!!) hahaha.


And of course, I got another artisan card from my very talented friend. Hehe. I attempted to do one in return but my attempt very poor la. Paiseh to show you all. LOL.

My fav corner of the office.


Slowly filling it up with polaroids of close ones and handwritten cards.

Despite the mini furry hindrance last night… I managed to get all my gifts wrapped! πŸŽπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Waiting for @nakedglory and Lyds now so that we can start passing presents around hehe.


I'm not huge on Christmas and my family doesn't really celebrate it. We're damn Chinese one.

But I enjoy the festive atmosphere! The feeling of Christmas in the air just makes everyone seem more jolly somehow.

And… I like buying gifts for people around me. Hahaha. 😬

The Christmas stickers on Dayre are damn cute!! Wish I had downloaded them sooner. But oh well. Three more days to spam them!

Catching up on my caffeine intake because fwens are stuck in jam and are "massively late" according to them. Boohoo.

Also… FEELING LIKE A CHAMP because I walked into Fossil trying to hunt for gifts and the store assistant uttered the magic words.

Today 30% off storewide, last day.

So win???

In the end I bought quite a bit of stuff from Fossil.


My recipients haven't received their gifts yet so I shall not post here and spoil the surprise.

Been some time since I've posted any #ootd photos here.

Love this skirt cause it's so me??? Pleats + slit + midi length.

Paired it with a cotton top and sneakers cause I was feeling slack. But you can dress this up just as easily!

Love plain skirts like this because I can work them any way I like.

There's another champagne colour which is super gorgeous too (go check it out on the website!!) but the factory forgot to add lining for it so the stocks got delayed.


And of course I kept black since it's a basic colour duh hahaha.

I was racking my brains for gifts this year so I thought maybe TTR should help out with gift ideas too!!

Since the traffic in town is so bad these few days…. Why not get your friends something from online? *coughsTTRcoughs*

You can get gift cards for additional value from now till 26 Dec!

Or you might be in the mood to treat yourself too… πŸ˜‰

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