The struggle to wake up this morning is real.

Wanted to hit the gym later so I made myself wake up 2 hours earlier to get some food into my tummy.

My plans this long weekend – gym, work, nua at home, get all the sleep I want, photoshoot.


Lai. Show you guys my #ootd yesterday!

This is one of the lace sets which were stocked at our stores on Wednesday. Honestly they sold so well that I'm not even sure if we have many sizes left anymore.



Die also wanna use this lace with eyelash even though the cost is much lower if without.

The lace used for top and bottom are the same so it makes a very nice set if you wear them together!


And I really love the fact that the bottom is of a good decent midi length. We were initially deciding between above length and below knee and yknow me, I'm a midi/maxi girl at heart.

So midi length it is!

Perfect for work also.

This lace set comes in navy, pink, jade and white!

Shall be featuring the other set later today maybe? It's a top and shorts set so it's much more casual. Suitable for those who don't do the dressy!

#TTR #thetinselrack

Popped by the store for a bit so that Auds could take her lunch break. And took the chance to snap some photos of the lace items since I have my camera wimme!

Loving the colour palette we selected for the lace items.

This is a different lace top from the one I wore at the start of this post! This is….. not so floral? If you can tell!

Happy to tell you guys that all these lace items come in size XL on top of our usual XS to L!


It's such a rainy Christmas eve…

I hope all of you are with your loved ones. Merry Christmas, wherever you are!


Just back from Christmas dinner with the family.

Gonna spend the last of Christmas eve curled up in bed with this. ❀️

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