Looking back on 2016 ✨

365 empty boxes to fill up.

365 days to make 2017 count.

Let's go.

Late to the party as always, but better late than never la right? Hahaha.

Took the past few days to go over and sort out 2016 in my head. The lessons learnt, people who came into my life, happy moments, not so happy moments, blessings, travelling tales and so many more.

If I could use one word to sum up my 2016 on the whole, it would be…


Golden being the perfect amount of intoxication. Every aspect of my life in 2016 was just the right amount of happy. 👌🏻💯 According to my friends, I was in my own bubble of happiness. Hahaha.

I feel content.

Can't say the same for 2015. I think the stark contrast made me feel even more thankful for the year that just passed.

In 2016…

I travelled to new places.

If I were to use one word to describe my travels, it would be… Intensive.

As much as I love travelling, I think it was a bit of an overkill in 2016. Hahaha. 😂

Including work trips, I travelled a total of 18 times this year. That's insane. I don't think I have ever travelled so many times in a year before 2016.

Taiwan was the first trip I took in 2016, together with @jongsy, a well deserved break after our CNY rush.

Bali was a retreat with my TTR girls and that was pretty fun as well. My first time to Bali and first time travelling with a big group of friends!

Also, it was also around this period that I started talking to ZL. 🙃 Definitely brought back some memories now that I think back about the trip!

We were texting everyday and he texted me a packing list for the trip. Hahahaha. I remember vividly that he asked me to bring my retainers along and I was like "how yknow I wear retainers to sleep?"

Then it was off to Bangkok after Bali.

I wanted to post this photo and asked ZL to contribute a caption. I also came up with a caption of my own. So he asked me which caption I posted up eventually and somehow that led to a bet. And because my memory sucks I can't remember the finer details of it but I think I won the bet. Hahahaha.

Bangkok was a good short break albeit for work purposes!

I'm pretty familiar with the city already and know how to navigate my way around, so it was more like a carefree trip where I didn't have to plan for anything. Sometimes I get torn between exploring a new city or going back to revisit old favourites.

But Bangkok is always good. Though I don't think I'll be heading back anytime soon! Not 2017.

Fiji happened after Bangkok.

It was my first media trip and although it was primarily work, I enjoyed myself immensely! Made new friends and my eyes saw a new part of the world, where the waters are so clear and gorgeous that every single photo looks unreal.


Thank you thank you thank you to @chrislovee and @yeomabel + all the other nuffies for making it happen!!!

Croatia was, needless to say, one of the most beautiful cities I've visited so far in my life.

Another memorable travel experience with @jongsy! We travel so well together and I'm already looking forward to our next trip together even though idk when that will be happening. 💕

I got a little homesick during the last couple of days in Croatia (I usually don't) but I suspect that might be because I was being a #overlyattachedstickygf plus the severe lack of Asian food. Hahahaha.

Korea was an interesting one. Not entirely what I expected but at least it's pretty different from the last two times I've visited!

Guangzhou is the one where I "go until sian already" but for my last work trip of the year, I packed ZL along and that made it worthy of a mention.

It was our first time travelling together and that in itself was memorable already.


We then hopped over to Hong Kong for a short few days and it was the first time ever that I've hiked while on holiday.

My second holiday hike is coming up in Feb, can't wait for that!

Went back to Bali but this time with @nakedglory and a few other friends for a super chill holiday.

It was an impromptu decision but I'm glad it happened! Spent three glorious days emptying our brains and not doing anything. Lol.

Best trip of the year has to be Siem Reap though. 🤗

Any other trips I take from now on would have to be pretty amazing to top this!

I actually have this thing whereby I collect a memento for him, from each place I travel to without him.

Sand from Fiji's beach, pebbles from Croatia's Stinivia Beach, maple leave from Korea and black sand from Bali's beach.

He's gonna get his next bottle in Feb!

He already lost track of which bottle is from where though. Maybe I'll label them soon cause I think I won't be able to remember in time to come. Hahaha.

My social calendar was fulfilling.

I would say that I'm an extroverted introvert. Being around people tires me out but I enjoy my time spent with the close ones.

Me thinks my social calendar was pretty well planned out this year. Met all the friends I want to meet. Met my usual group of friends on a frequent basis, reconnected with old friends and found a couple of nice new friends that I can click with!

I used to be the friend who doesn't ask people out but I've worked on that in 2016. 😇 And it's working out!

Trying to scroll through my camera roll cause wanna post some photos of my friends but wahhh I give up. Too many photos. Hahahaha.



I thought there wasn't much about work and that it's been a relatively quiet year. But on the contrary…

We had one warehouse sale and opened two pop-up stores in 2016! ✨

My 2016 started in the craziest of ways – a full blown warehouse sale.

It was insane. I remembered working my way through NYE 2015 in the office, the many mos burger meals we took because no time to sit down and eat a proper meal, the berserk amount of clothes that my girls had to tag and the crazy crowd my TTR team had to deal with on the days of the warehouse sale.

Pure madness.

Our first ever warehouse sale and I'm glad we pulled it off and started 2016 with a bang!

Thankful for this bunch! 🤗

The idea of another warehouse sale is still intimidating when I think back to how much work was involved. Lolol. Don't ask me when is the next one please thanksverymuch.

Our first pop-up of last year happened on 16 April.

Our Citylink store! It's still around right now but at this moment I'm still not too sure if we will be continuing after our short term lease is up.

I remember we stayed till 3am the day before the opening because we were frantically trying to get our shit together. Hahahaha. Always damn last minute LOL. The day of the opening we could barely keep our eyes open. We were smiling on the outside but dying on the inside hahaha.

So proud of this store because we managed to pull off everything right in time for the opening. And it looked x 10000000 better than the state that it was handed over to us in.

I remember I went out with ZL to catch Batman vs Superman after the first day of the opening. Lol. Tired but die also wanna go out. 😂✋🏻 In the end I didn't even manage to catch the storyline because I dozed off halfway.

Our second pop-up store at Gateway probably doesn't feel as foreign to you since I've been documenting it here throughout the process. Heh. ☺️

It's always a nice surprise when some of you pop by the store and tell me that you read my dayre!

So.. We had a couple of milestones for TTR all through 2016 and now that I'm typing through, it suddenly feels like we accomplished quite a few things.

It's always an intense bout of work during a short few weeks which feels like hell but the satisfaction definitely beats routine weeks hands down.

As usual, I feel like there is much more I can improve on when it comes to work. Well. Another 365 (actually 361) days to work on what's lacking! 💪🏻

I met someone.

The night of NYE, I asked him about his year and he proceeded to ask me about mine.

Before I could answer, he answered on my behalf.

"Of course your year good la… You met someone. 😏"

"Wa thanks for summing up my year in 3 words – I met someone. 😒"

But. Seriously. It was unexpected.

Like how the best things in life always are. Very cheesy but gotta admit that cheesy sayings do hold some truth la. Hahaha.

This guy right here makes me happy and keeps my heart full every single day. (I will never ever say this to his face because he will cringe and die of mush overload LOLOL. But if he reads this then too bad for him I didn't force him one ah.)

I can think of him and the most random times of the day and smile for no reason. Is it crazy already. Hahaha.

I feel happy when I receive his texts.

His number flashes on my phone and my day is instantly made better.

I scroll through our photos together when I'm on flights with no data connectivity and that alone can keep me entertained for very long. LOL.

He can be trying his best to annoy me but I strangely like it when he annoys me.

OKAY LA I BETTER STOP. Hahahahaha. If he ever reads this post he's gonna go "waaa you so crazy about me ah?" 😂 Or maybe he'll pretend puke because it's too much for him to handle. Lol.

I'll let you know which one it is when that happens.

But yes, I met someone and that is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to me in 2016.

Here's to bigger and better things in 2017!

Not doing a resolutions post but definitely gonna be working on areas which are lacking in my life.

Be good, 2017.

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