Weekends 😌

Sucha laid back Sunday I'm having.

Slept in till noon cause I only got home at 3am last night. Old bones cannot take staying out too late anymore. But it was a good date night. 😌

On the way to town to run a couple of quick errands and then I'm gonna spend some time on my own.

Finally bringing my weekend bag out! Got it from Fossil when I was shopping for Christmas gifts the other day. Lolol.

Already made payment for the gifts when the sales assistant tempted me to get more stuff because "last day of 30% off". 😈

So I got this small crossbody because I've been wanting a durable leather weekend bag for the longest time.

The size is perfect!!!

So the problem with such a small bag is… My long (and bursting) wallet cannot fit. Hahahaha.

But this mini wallet (also from Fossil) solved my problem. Also 30% off!!

Love that it comes with several card compartments (just nice for my ezlink card + debit cards + cash). And also!!! Bonus points because got coin compartment. πŸŽ‰

My weekend bag is usually very minimal because lazy to bring too many things out. Other than this mini wallet, I only have my tiny makeup pouch and keys. Daz all.

Fossil provides free hot stamping for every leather item you purchase, btw. Makes for very good gifts because of the personalisation.

I hot stamped 5 items and it was a mere 30 minutes wait.

Okay I just got to my destination… Was on Grabcar! Talk to you guys later! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Anyhoo, took Grab instead of my usual Uber today because Auds told me about the current Grab promo which sounds too good to be true.

Take a Grabcar at the normal price and enjoy $7 off each of your 7 following Grabcar rides.


Which means $49 off in total leh. Sounds too good to be true right??? But just try lor. Hahaha.

Promo ends 13 Jan for those of you who wanna try it out! No code needed!

Just done picking out my items from Levi's.

Really like the jeans I chose cause it's so stretchy and fits like a glove.

Also picked a plaid shirt + denim jacket!!

Chilling with my coffee from Sarnies so I shall show you my #ootd for the upcoming launch tonight!

I think this is my new go-to combination whenever I need to dress up a little.



I know it's not exactly very CNY-ish but it makes an extremely good wardrobe staple! I promise!

The drapes fall so perfectly and the material is damn comfy.

I would say that it's a pretty work appropriate piece if your office isn't overly strict about formal wear. Throwing a blazer or formal jacket over it works too!

I like pieces like these which are suitable for both weekdays and weekends.


I thought I made this piece in black too and was soooo disappointed when I realised I remember wrongly! If we have a chance to backorder for this top I'm gonna do more colours for sure.

I like this dress, surprisingly.

I say surprisingly because usually my dresses are not so decent/demure one. Hahahaha.

But this just fits so well that I had to keep it. Even tho it's not my usual style of dresses.

This is the kind of dress conservative parents would approve of. Hahahah. @jongsy and I affectionately term this the "mother-in-law dress" LOL the perfect dress to wear if you wanna make a good impression on your boyfriend's/husband's mother.

Gotta say that the factory did a pretty good job on the crochet details tho!

Get yours from the launch later at 8pm!

There's a halter lace top and halter lace dress which I super love as well. But didn't wear them out because I might wanna keep them for CNY!


Done and dusted with my errands for the day so I decided to catch a movie solo.

La La Land it shall be.

Excited cause Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone!!!!

Ticket queue is not moving because some people have endless questions about card promotions and some people take 5eva to choose their seats. Zzz. CAN FASTERRRR?


It was such a good show. Glad I made the hasty decision to catch it instead of heading home right away!

And here's to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here's to the hearts that break
Here's to the mess we make

Visited Creamier last night!! Been bugging ZL about it hahahah cause I wanna check out the Gillman Barrack's outlet.

I think the best part is that they have a lot more seats compared to the TPY outlet.


Spoilt for choice… πŸ€”

Picked Kaya Toast and Roasted Pistachio and I must say they go really well together. 😍 Pistachio is my go-to flavour when I visit ice cream places.

He usually picks something chocolate but idk what got into him and he got Pistachio. So in the end I got to choose another flavour! Kaya Toast sounded intriguing and so I settled on that.

One ice cream to one waffle because somebody doesn't like his ice cream flavours mixed. πŸ™ƒ Very particular.

We actually had ice cream two days in a row because we were at Upp Thomson on Friday and went to have some at Salted Caramel. Which btw really paled in comparison. I think we had Pistachio (again) and Hazelnut Praline. Not impressive at all but okay la better than Udders. πŸ’πŸ»

The hanging lamps are similar to what they have at TPY. I went to dig out the photo I took of the TPY outlet when we went. That was in June 2016. Can't believe it's half a year already!

Dinner was at Mcdonald's because it was already 11ish after we got the movie tickets and we only had 30 minutes before the movie started to get in a quick meal.

I didn't mind because CNY = prosperity meal = twister fries!!! πŸŽ‰

I only willingly walk into Mcdonald's once a year. Hahaha. Just for the prosperity meal. πŸ˜‚

Damn joke because he said he wanted the cheeseburger and I thought that "wa now the cheeseburger package until so atas??" And after I took a bite I still thought that Mcdonald's really upgraded their cheeseburger yknow. Instead of pickles now got some caramelised onions.

But turns out he ordered some gourmet angus beef cheeseburger la hahahaha.

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: if you cannot tell the difference between the normal cheeseburger and my $12 burger then you better stop eating now πŸ˜’

WHY LIDDIS. Hahahaha.

Caught Why Him? and it was so insanely funny I cannot. Really good comedy!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚

But urm the funniest part of the day was that I completely failed to recognise my boyfriend when he came to pick me up after work. Hahaha.

He was in utter disbelief at my inability to recognise him. But HEYYYY to be fair he was on a bike wearing a helmet and it was his side profile and it was quite a distance away. 🀣

He couldn't get over it for quite a long while tho. Hahaha. Sorry la. I'll do better next time.

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