The start of spring cleaning ðŸ˜´

Mum makes the best soups.


Clearing some of my old books on my Shopee account because well… The season for clearing the house is here and my dad has started his bout of nagging.

My account handle on Shopee is <joycesayshello> and I'll be uploading more stuff (maybe clothes too!) in the next couple of days. 😴 SO MANY THINGS TO CLEAR OMAGAWD.

Hahahaha found this while clearing. So apt.
😂 Barely even read this but shall sell it!

The best thing about clearing old stuff is that you find gems like this. Christmas card my mum made more than 20 years ago! Hahahaha.

This was when they first started using computers at the workplace. LOL. Damn cute please?!

Hahahahaha @jongsy drew this for me when she was 8.

So cute lolol. The melody was because I was damn into it last time. 😂

And the snakes surrounding me because I was born in the year of snake. HAHAHAHA. Can't believe I kept almost every single card/letter people wrote for me since young.

Sometimes I think I'm too sentimental for my own good.

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