#dayrehorror πŸ‘» my creepy encounters

I've been seeing #dayrehorror stories all over my Dayre feed yesterday and today. Well, I don't usually have encounters with beings from the other side but I have personally experienced a couple of spooky happenings before.

Shall share them later when I'm done with work for the day!


Busy doing stock in at our stores today. If you like the pleated maxi and white maxi that I previewed yesterday, you can check them out in stores from tonight onwards! πŸ˜‰

Was thinking of heading back to office to do some work.


If I were to dayre about horror stories….. Then I don't think it's wise for me to be in office till late alone. πŸ€”

So… I guess I'll start off with the milder stories first. Hahaha. Appetiser first!


I'm someone who is actually very, very timid when it comes to supernatural stuff. My heart is just damn weak and I cannot even make it through horror movies without covering my eyes and watching half the movie through the slits between my fingers.

Or like. Go for those halloween horror nights and be the only one amongst my group who was screaming my head off while others remained damn chill.

I'm basically the kind who cannot take the lift alone after watch horror movies. LOL.

So the few times that I had such encounters, I was MAJORLY freaked out la.

I was never the kind of person who can sense or even see the supernatural but there were a few times in my life that I felt them around me. I wish I could say that those times were when my mind played tricks on me…. But they felt too real.


The lady in red at the school track

I think this was the very first time that I've ever had such a close brush with real life horror.

I was part of my school's squash team and we do weekly trainings after school.

So it was another typical evening when the entire team was out on the school track doing our laps. I think we were supposed to do 8 rounds. And I was damn sian about it because I hated physical training to the core. Hahaha. Always damn dread PT one. πŸ˜‚

We were jogging along and halfway through, my coach gathered us.

"Okay that's enough for today. We're heading back to the courts.", coach announced.

In my head I was like "waaa is it coach in good mood today??" And I was secretly damn happy about it. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I think we only ran half the intended distance?

So we waited for everyone to finish up the last lap and went back down to the courts.

My coach looked pretty disturbed as he sat us all down. And then it was when he revealed that he actually has the "third eye" and can see ghosts and spirits.

The 17 year old in me was pretty spooked by that.

I can't remember if I found out on the same day or if it was another day, that one of my team mates also can "see" these things. But anyway, I digress.

My coach went on to tell us that the reason he stopped us from continuing with the run was because he saw a "lady in red" in close proximity from the track and that she was looking at us menacingly.

I swore my knees went weak. Thank god coach had us seated on the floor.

He told us that "the lady in red" must have had some grievances because ghosts aren't usually in red and their facial features are usually a blur or like, shadowed.

Strangely enough, none of my team mates seemed too spooked out…? And training carried on as per normal. Lol. And we never spoke about it afterwards too.

Actually, I always felt that my school's squash court was one of the creepiest corners in my JC.

First, it was located in the basement. Secondly, it was at the very corner of the basement level. The lighting was very dim and the fact that our court was pretty old made it x100 scarier.

My second encounter was more up close and personal and it happened at the squash court.


Shit, I still can remember it damn vividly and it still has this ability to send unlimited chills down my spine.


The one who blew into my ear

For the uninitiated, this is what a squash court looks like. Two players take turns to hit the ball against the wall and the player who fails to return the ball loses a point.

So you can actually practice alone.

Which was what I did.

Which was what I shouldn't have.

But anyway. I used to like training by myself whenever I have spare time between lessons because whenever I enter the court it feels like I enter this vacuum and the noise outside just gets eliminated automatically.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

I recalled hitting the ball at the wall repeatedly at the right corner when the ball went loose and bounced towards the middle.

So I ran towards the middle to get the ball.

And it was a brief moment but when I was in the middle of the court, I felt a warm breath of air directed at my right ear. It was so brief that I thought I was imagining things. I don't know what got into me that day – because "normal me" would have ran immediately – but I stayed on and continued.

After 10 minutes, I sat down to catch my breath.

The same thing happened again but this time round I could actually sense that there was "someone" right next to me.

My back went cold. I grabbed my racket and hurried out of the court. That was when I saw another creepy thing.

Outside the squash court, there was this red fire hose.

The moment I stepped out of the court, I saw the hose moving.


It was swinging about merrily as if taunting me.

And it couldn't have been the wind or anything because we were at the basement remember…?

After that day, I never ever trained alone at the school court again. My team mate who could "see" things also confirmed with us that the basement wasn't "clean".

I used to wonder, how does it feel to be someone who has this ability to see what others cannot?

Is it scary? Does it freak them out? Or are they used to it and gradually become nonchalant about it.

So I asked my team mate who has this special eyesight. And she said she used to be really scared but after a while she realised that most of them mean no harm so she became a lot more chill about it.

Lift button number 6

I had a spooky incident in the lift as well.

This was semi scary because I tried to psycho myself that it may very well have been a technical malfunction.

BUT. Just to err on the safe side of caution, I decided to stay home to post about this and do work instead of heading to the office like what I initially planned to do. Lol.

Because this happened in my office lift.

It was a late night of working at the office. Around midnight I decided enough was enough and even though I was feeling damn lazy, I slowly started packing everything, locked up the office and waited the lift.

The lift took long as always to arrive at my floor because my office is situated at the highest level of the building. Not too high also, 10th floor. But the lift always seems to take forever.

Lift door opened and I stepped in. I hit the button B1 to the carpark.

The second the lift door closed fully, the button 6 kept flashing and beeping, as if someone was pressing and letting go continuously.

I pretended to be calm but internally I was freaking out quite badly.

(Omg xiaobai is beside me and she suddenly let out a bark wtf scare die me!!!)

And since my office was on level 10, I had to stay in the lift all the way. There was no reception in the lift so I couldn't call anyone too.

Thank god the lift door isn't the reflective mirror kind and there were no mirrors inside the lift like how some lifts do!

It was the longest lift ride ever and I ran for dear life to get into my car the moment it landed on B1.


This is why I try not to stay in the office alone anymore till late.

But….. Maybe really technical issues? 😬 #ιͺ—θ‡ͺε·±

Okay lai. Saved the "best" for the last.

It's likely that I will never forget this for the rest of my life.

This one happened right at home. Dead smack in the middle of the night.


The direct translation for that is "ghost pressing you onto the bed".

The ang moh explanation for that is sleep paralysis. It's when your mind is awake but you are unable to move your body – so you're trapped, essentially. There's an entire scientific explanation for that but I don't think I'll go into it because that wasn't what I experienced for sure.

The chinese saying is that there's a ghost/spirit on top of you. That's why you can't move even though you're seemingly awake.

I am pretty accustomed to waking up in the middle of the night. Am never the kind who can sleep peacefully through the night.

There was one night I remember, I suddenly jolted awake.

Yknow usually when you wake up in the middle of the night, you feel groggy still and it's easy to fall back asleep?

That night I felt so awake. It was as if someone flicked the "on" switch in me.

I didn't feel that anything was amiss though, since waking up is a normal occurrence for me.

I was lying facing up and tried to turn to the side so that I can fall back asleep because I prefer sleeping on the side.

That was when I realised that… I couldn't move at all.

I wasn't TOO spooked at this point yet, because I've read about sleep paralysis and I brushed it off as that since I've always had trouble with sleep.

During the time that I was awake, I felt that my senses were heightened and I could hear voices which sounded very faraway and distinct.

Then the voices grew closer and more intense. I could hear a lady screeching and wailing hysterically into my ears.

I don't sleep alone, by the way. I sleep on a queen sized bed with @jongsy.

But at that very exact moment, it felt like she was miles away from me. I couldn't move at all and there was no way she could help me. On hindsight, if got ghost she sure freak out also la. But she is more ballsy than me when it comes to such stuff hahahaha. At least got someone to share the fear right.

So the screaming in my ear went on for a good 5 minutes (I THINK), which felt like eternity really.

Just as abruptly as it started, it ended.

The screaming stopped and suddenly I could feel my hands again. I sat up immediately and my back was drenched with cold sweat.

I didn't wake Jo up because it was over + I didn't wanna give her a shock. Later end up both cannot sleep. And also, it was hard for my brain to register what I just went through. Like… Did that really happened to me??!

The next morning I told my mum about it but she didn't really believe me wtf. Hahaha.

But I know that it really did happen and that I wasn't dreaming about it!! My eyes were wide open the entire time and I was so scared that my entire back was wet.

I didn't try to really tell my family members that this happened tho. Didn't wanna freak them out about it. For a few weeks after that I had trouble sleeping though. My insomnia got worse after that incident. As if not bad enough walao.

Anyway, it never happened again since that day so I'm hoping it stays this way. πŸ™πŸ»

Okay lastly, this is nothing scary but still in context.

My dad once told us that if you ever encounter something from "the other side", just hurl all the knnccbnb vulgarities. He said that if you're "fiercer" than them, they will go away and not dare to bother you.

HAHAHAHAH. I didn't try that because… What if I aggravate them??? Siao.


Waaa hahaha seems like vulgarities really do work according to some of you who commented below!! 😧

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