Camera Roll Spam 📽


Spent my last 100 coins on this set of animated Ziggy stickers. So so so cute!!

Well, since we're just done with our final launch for CNY, I can now update about all the random things in my life recently. I realise that I take photos of random things all the time but sometimes random until idk if I should even post them up.

Hahaha so I decided… I shall give you all a peek of all the randomness in my camera roll!


Is it everything also wanna hashtag! 😂

This was taken last Saturday. The day we went prawning and caught no prawns!!!!


It's the usual place we always go to BUT somehow that day no prawns took our bait?? Hahahaha. We ALMOST caught one but it slipped away while ZL was pulling it out of the pond. Ugh.

I wasn't terribly upset about not catching anything though, because we don't usually bring our catch home anyway. Hahaha. To me it's just a good way to spend a couple of hours la.

Visited a dog cafe recently when he took leave.

Wouldn't really recommend it because I've had a wayyy better experience at the dog cafe in Seoul. The dogs here mostly only come up to you if you buy treats from the cafe to "bribe" them with. Very 现实 wtf hahaha.

But if you still wanna give this a shot, it's called We're The Furballs at Bugis+!

Best to call and make reservations before you head down. They have limited slots every two hours!

Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for my dad's birthday because he only likes ice cream cakes.

Which was horribly mediocre and expensive at $60. The only acceptable part of the cake is the brownie cubes on top.

DO NOT BUY. Unless you really have to get an ice cream cake and the only place open is Baskin Robbins.

I think Haagen Dazs would have fared better! Or even Swensens.

The day my sis brought her for a picnic and my mum tied a cute ribbon on her head!


Current favourite drink from Toast Box – Iced Teh Gula Melaka less sweet!

Love it but I'm trying not to have it too often because I'm cutting back on sweetened drinks.

One day I hope to cut coffee with milk (all my flat whites and lattes) completely but I don't think that's happening any time soon. Hahaha.

Team lunch with the girls at Pasarbella on I-cant-remember-which-day.

Wish we could take more time off for team lunches out of the office but the past couple of weeks they've been busy battling the CNY workload.

Soon, soon! Then I can put my Entertainer app to good use hahahaha.

The most practical gift I received for Christmas last year. Bins for TTR retail stores! Lolol.

Taken on New Year's Eve.


Lunch at Plentyfull with my girls. The place was lovely but I can't say the same for the food. Grain Traders still has my heart!

Dinner at the hidden Burger Joint, where my friend tried to use her friend's Entertainer app but failed because she didn't ask for her PIN.


I'm gonna give this place another visit for sure, since it's in the app's 2017 offerings too!

Otw to OG with the stocks now and was told that crowds already formed at both stores… There might not be enough to go around but 不要打架 okay! 😨

Thank you all who cooperated with us and queued up in such an orderly manner! 🙏🏻😇 Everyone was really sweet and patient with us. So grateful for that!

I'm really sorry that some of you did not manage to get the items you were eyeing on. Both Halia Lace Romper and Amora Lace Sleeve Romper are already on backorder!

The last round of stocks (including Scarlett Lace Dress and a special edition wine red lace set) will be in store on Wed/Thu. Will keep you guys updated again!

Continuing with the camera roll spam…

Random sundown shot from home! It's not everyday you get to see sucha pretty scene.


The day when our customised angbaos arrived!

We gave away a limited number of sets, so if you managed to get a packet of this, lucky you! 😉

I just entered my IG message inbox and got a shock… I hardly ever check the filtered requests inbox because the button link is so not obvious.

It was a whole new world when I clicked into it. SO MANY QUERIES ABOUT TTR ITEMS!! I'm really damn sorry I haven't been checking that inbox…… 😰 If you've ever sent me a message asking about anything at all, I didn't mean to ignore on purpose.

Will try my best to reply them from here on!

Missing the breakfast spread from our Siem Reap days.


Cereal City Guide in preparation for our upcoming trip @yeomabel hehehe.

The day me and my friends explored the National Gallery and came across this view. 😍

Forgot if I did upload this before but anyway.. This is one of the times ZL made breakfast for me! 🎉👌🏻

And that's my pink cup which I use at his place. Got my name labelled on it somemore. 😂

Current favourite drink at Starbux – matcha espresso fusion!

During the little sister's birthday we took a yacht out to Lazarus island! The beach wasn't the prettiest but it was decent la. Quite clean!

View from the resort I stayed at in Bali!

On the train from GZ to HK.


That day when I went to pump petrol and the cashier showed $88.88. Cheap thrill so must take photo! Hahahahha. HUAT AH.

Okay this post is getting long so here's one final photo.

ZL was spring cleaning his room and when I went over after, he told me to "open his right wardrobe door" and it turned out that he gave all the things I left at his place a cosy little home. 🤗

"Got light somemore, you try switching it on!" He was rather proud of it. Hahaha. 💯 Okay la give him 100 marks.

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