Eat And Be Fat

Good morning!! Finally without rain. Hahaha.

THIS STICKER SET IS SO CUTE!! And this pineapple tarts one is my fav. Yay to free stickers!


Stayed up till 2am cooking the pineapple jam. Bargained with my dad so this year we're only making 1/3 the quantity we usually make! ✌🏻 LOL.

If you wanna know how tedious it is to make the tarts, we took like 3 to 4 hours just grating the pineapples for the pulp and cooking the pulp till caramelised.

Really is tired one.


But store bought jam just doesn't make the mark so every year, we make ours from scratch.

What we managed to scrape together by 2am last night…

Golden, glorious pineapple jam.


But so worth it.

Gonna get started on the tart shells tonight but first, I have a work day to tackle.




I just had a go at this! Hahahah.

I'm such a nice friend hahahah. πŸ˜‡

But anyway. Thank you Whatsapp for the update!! It's so frustrating whenever there's no reception because the "send" button doesn't work.

Okay guys.

Here's a list of restocks hitting the stores today!

Scarlett Lace Dress, Paige Lace Top, Alyssa Lace Skirt, Camilla Boxy Top, Ivana Flare Shorts in all colours/sizes. βœ”οΈ

Rowan Lace Top in Pink and Freya Crochet Dress in selective sizes and colours at OG outlet. βœ”οΈ

#thetinselrack #TTR

Quick and comforting food on mad rush days. I love Saybons!! Their soups are all damn good!

And it's so rainy lately that I've been craving for soupy stuff.

My favourite used to be the mushroom but nowadays I always order the golden pumpkin soup. Idk what has gotten into me either. I used to loathe anything pumpkin but recently I've been ordering pumpkin related food errrrwhere I go.

πŸŽƒ – there's no real pumpkin emoji so this one shall do lolol

I'm not starving myself la. I ordered a crepe too. πŸ˜‹ #glutton

Just saw this on my FB feed.



What the hell is Buddha looking good??!!! Hahahahha.

"Can cook 4 min noodle in 3 min" πŸ˜‚ Is undercooking instant noodles now a special skill?

Cannot help you defend cockroaches and can appear as any Avenger hero (πŸ’― for being versatile).


Anyone needs a CNY boyfriend for rental? Can consider Bill. Hahahhaha.

Here's a veryyyy quick peek at what's being newly stocked in stores tomorrow.

Otw to stores now ttyl!


You can see more on IG stories!!


One thing is for sure……..

We severely lack manpower at the stores. Meh. Too late to do anything this year but we'll be better next year! πŸ’ͺ🏻

So… This is the store exclusive item this CNY which we managed to cram into the final stock in!


I actually meant for this to be launched in the CNY collections, but the factory took too long with the prints (too many details!!) and the shipment didn't make it for our last photoshoot.

Thought it was a pity because it's such a gorgeous piece!! So I suggested to stock it up at the stores first. ☺️

The prints are Peranakan inspired and I Iove how they fit into the entire CNY vibe but is perfect for casual days as well.

We got this piece printed ever since May last year and between May till the stocks arrived I already wore it out a couple of times because I super loveeeee it! Hahaha.

I remember wearing it on one of my first few dates with ZL hahahaha and asked him if this dress was nice.

So I asked him about it today…

Sigh. Guys.


The colour palette for this is not so conventional but they kinda work really well together in the end!

Other than the prints, I really adore the thick straps which cross at the back!


If you're a broad shoulder girl like me… Definitely go for straps like these! They make my shoulders appear so much narrower yay. 😌

The side slits on the dress are also major 😍😍😍 for me!! We briefly considered not having slits but I insisted. Lol.

This bag also available at the stores! If you're looking for an angbao bag. πŸ™ƒ

We also have it in a pretty pastel version for those who prefer softer colours!


It's one of those designs which look festive enough for CNY but yet suitable for day to day wear! You definitely won't look out of place or overdressed if you wear this on a non occasion. πŸ˜‰

Being on the retail front is not an easy job at all.

I would love to write a post about my retail experience but maybe after my brain is recharged!

Another few more days of war but I'm sure we'll pull through just fine.


See you girls at the store if you're planning to head down!

Also. Feel so bad not having time to talk to my friends when they popped by these few days!! I will catch up with you all proper when CNY is out of the way!

Now I just wanna shower, plonk onto the bed and get some shut eye.


These gorgeous pieces will be stocked in at both Gateway and Citylink once stores open at 11am tomorrow!


This you really cannot miss!! Really. Okay I go shower nao bye.

Yay mum got us new fluffy pillows. And replaced my bolster!!

Small joys in life after an arduous day at work.


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