Tired looking face otw to the store.

Today is one of those days I thank god for makeup.

Wearing one of my favourite pieces from this year's CNY collections – Rowan Lace Top!

Paired it with my trusty and comfy staple for a long work day ahead. Bondi Flowy Pants!! Hehe.

See you and come say hi if you're coming over today! 👋🏻❤️

Another day. We can do this!!!



Almost cried tears of relief when @jongsy and Auds came to our rescue and then I had 5 mins to chiong lunch LOL.


Thank you @nakedglory for ma lunch 🙏🏻

Is it girls all very last minute! 😂

Hahahaha. But anway… The crowd is much better than the past few nights so it's a good time to come down and do some shopping if you still need to!

The pastel piece as seen on our store model LOLOL. Colour is much nicer irl though!!!


Thank goodness I had the most awesome team to work with at the store tonight! Everything went smoothly.

Another half day to go before we officially wrap things up!

#thetinselrack #TTR

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