Tea Party at The Lows’ πŸ΄

It's going to be a good, good day. I can just feel it.

Happy Friday everyone!!


I'm so stuffed because @jazreeltan kept me so well fed. Totally self invite one la. Hahaha. Not paiseh.



Just finished our tea party at her place and now I'm on my way to take my shift at OG!

Nobody walking into the store now so I self entertain with selfies.

I also did a little shopping while I was tending the shop yesterday. HAHAHAHA. Ended up keeping this lace hem top in black. We already have it in white and wine at home but ummmm I was so bored in store that I started shopping yesterday.

Is it shopaholic tendencies strong.

It's the last piece so I thought I might as well!! πŸ˜‚

#thetinselrack #TTR

So here's what went down (our bellies) at the Low Residences!

This @jazreeltan says we're a team. She does housework, I do homework (research on what food we're having for lunch).

So I turned to Ubereats for help. Hahaha. Keyed in her address and decided on this Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Noodle!

Anything with truffle is good for me. I just had the truffle ramen at Gateway yesterday but who cares. Hehe.


What I love about Ubereats – you can schedule the time of delivery! The food arrived shortly after I did.

Jaz looked super shocked when the doorbell rang. "OMG WHO'S THAT??" She completely forgot that I ordered lunch in. Hurhur. πŸ˜‚

What I hate about Ubereats – forever missing items from my order. Ordered two cans of oolong tea but only one can came.

This is my second order with them and my first order also had missing items! Tsk tsk. Strike one more time and they're out. 😠

Last year I gave Jaz a bouquet to celebrate her and Leroy moving in, and she took out the blushing brides to dry them. So pretty!!


Finally closed the store shutters woohoo. Can't wait to go home and sink into bed. Don't even have energy to do a proper dinner. Zz.

Work today was good tho. Had a short chat with @adtheprincess (yay managed to recognise you!) when she popped by the store to get something. Always happy chatting with TTR shoppers!

Also, a guy recently messaged me on IG saying that he wanted to get something for his girlfriend from TTR. And requested to collect it from the store.

Saw him today and recognised him too!

I hope his girlfriend likes the dress. 😊 So sweet of him please.

The Uber uncle who drove me home was real sweet too. "Seems like it's gonna be a cooling night, I wish you a good sleep with sweet dreams." So nice of him.

Nice strangers like this uncle make my day. ☺️

Okay. Back to the tea party I had with Mrs Low at her abode today.

I took up the challenge of re-plating the wanton mee (which came in white cardboard containers) to make them look IG worthy hahahaha.

How did I fare?? Got pass? 😌

"Come I help you take a photo with the wanton mee so that you can revive your IG."


I'm also looking forward to the day I have my own home. Then I'll make my friends come over and have pretty looking meals with me. LOL.

This truffle wanton mee is really good btw!! We both loved the texture of the noodles! Not sure if it's handmade but it felt like it. I like that it's springy and not too eggy tasting. ☺️

The hardness of the noodles was just right by me!

Char siew and wantons also very good. Hehe. Would order this again but I don't think it's near enough for them to deliver to AMK!

Spot the two normal oranges pretending to be mandarin oranges.


The giant mirror in her living room is perfect for #ootd shots. Hehe.

And my lovely friend put together this cute platter of CNY goodies for me to sample!

"This one nice, this one also nice you must try!!"

I was so stuffed that I didn't even have dinner afterwards. Lolol.

She also did a round of introduction for me. On the brown side, we have almond cookies, chick peas, prawn rolls and chiku chips. On the white side we have pineapple tarts, cranberry cookies, green pea cookies and cornflake cookies!

See my memory not bad right? @jazreeltan

She was also very happy that she finally got to use her teapot set!!

I asked her to use it instead of just using cups because what's a tea party without teapot right? Hehe.

Good times pass too fast.

Another play date at your place again soon please!! We barely did anything else other than nomming and talking. Talking took up most of our time, as always. Hahahah. God knows how we can chatter on and on and on but we just can.

Happy that I'm blessed with a friend like you @jazreeltan! 😘 Sticking to you forever and 5evaaaa.

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