Break days are good days

Happy Monday, friends! It's a happy Monday for me because I woke up to my favourite face, went home for a quick nap and I'm filling up the rest of my Monday with friends!

Did you guys manage to catch the ombre pink sunset on Saturday?

I was on my way home from squash with my friends and caught this phenomenal sight.

Too pretty. πŸ’• And a lot of people caught this too, apparently. I saw it all over my social media feed.

Here's another one because this sky painting is too gorgeous.


Break days are so good. I am halfway to being all rejuvenated for the working year ahead!

How pretty! Look at the windows of the HDB block being tinted pink and purple from the sunrays. 😍😍😍

Okay, be back later! Don't wanna use my phone too much because I didn't charge it last night.

My battery life is an indication of how much I don't touch my phone nowadays.

No work, no phone. One full charge lasts me two days instead of one day! Very proud of myself. ✌🏻

Done with lunch catchup and omw to town now for some birthday errands (not my birthday!) before meeting @yeomabel hehe.


Wearing my all time favourite maxi dress. It's the one we launched for our Croatia collection from last year. Loving it now still!

Perks of having a store right smack in town – I can shop till I drop, drop my shopping bags at the store, then shop till I drop some more.


It's like having my own locker deposit service. Hahahah.

I was trying to recall what I did on Saturday because I only remembered playing squash. Because my body is still aching now, no joke.

Scrolled through my camera roll to no avail because the only photos I took on Saturday were of the pink sunset.

Then it suddenly hit me.

I was at Starbucks with ZL because there was 1 for 1 going on. We grabbed our drinks and sat outside Liat Towers doing random conversations and watching the world go by.

I didn't even feel the need to snap any photos of anything. We did nothing in particular but it was the best kind of nothing. πŸ€—

Sunday was spent waking up only when we stopped feeling sleepy. And then we took the train to town.

"The only perk of staying in your area is getting to board an empty train almost all the time."

Popped by the Citylink store since I was in the area and saw a new Japanese bakery in the mall. It was bustling and so I wanted to buy something from there to try and see what's the fuss about. LOLOL.

Forgot what this is called but it's so good!! It was a fluffy sponge cake with light cream cheese filling in the middle. I'll try their cream puffs next time cause I heard good things about them. ☺️

Went to walk around this kitchenware/bakeware store at Suntec and OMG KITCHENAID FOR $749!!!

I've been wanting this since forever.



And if I'm really getting it, what colour???

I'm already mentally listing down all the things I wanna bake with this. Sigh.

"Omg this bedsheet colour nice??"

"Ok only lor" ZL pointed at the tag.

Hurhurhur my boyfriend so funny. πŸ˜‚

Fell asleep last night before completing the post. Sorry I weak. 😩

But anyway. In a bid to start our healthy lifestyle, we decided on something healthy for Sunday's dinner. LOL.

Did a quick filter for Suntec on the Entertainer app and Pimp My Salad was the healthiest! The rest were like Mad For Garlic, Pepperoni….. πŸ™…πŸ»

Thought we could make our own salad combo but nope they only allowed Entertainer users to pick from a designated menu!


So many ingredients but sadly we couldn't choose our own.


I got The Big Daddy and ZL got the Lamborghini. πŸ₯—

"Your salad's name is damn funny. Lamborghini."

"Yeah maybe because the flavours very Middle Eastern."

"Huh what's the link…? I thought it's just word play since the protein in your salad is lamb. Lamb-orghini?"

"Haha true eh… I thought maybe because Middle Eastern people very rich so they own a lot of Lambos."

Is it too smart think too much. Hahahaha.

There were hummus and couscous in his salad and I think it was his first time ever tasting such flavours and textures. Hahaha. He has also never eaten from a salad bar before so………. It made a pretty hilarious meal for us both.

We would take a few bites and burst out laughing.

"Why are we eating rabbit food?"

"Omg I feel like I'm eating sand. 😨"

"Why are we doing this to ourselves?"

"Can we go for something unhealthy after this?"

For vanity's sake is like that.

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