Just got home from the gym (arms day today!) but I just wanna quickly copy paste this over from #TTR IG so that you won't miss out!!

We know it's been quiet on our end lately.

Before we kick start the new launches, here's a little something to brighten up your week! Storewide sale of 30% off your second piece applies for the next two days (8 & 9 Feb), at both Orchard Gateway #02-17A and Citylink #B1-33! β€οΈπŸŽ‰

Happy that I managed to wear this pretty piece out yesterday!

The only other time I wore it was in Croatia. Ahh brings back good memories. ☺️

Love the front slit design! This maxi is a sight especially when the skirting gets caught in the wind. Verryyyyy gorgeous. 😍

And a surprise find when we did spring cleaning for the house the other day. Totally forgot I even had this pair of sandals lying around. Along with many other pairs of shoes. LOL. I really don't need anymore shoes for the next half of the year at least. Or maybe for the entire 2017, actually.


This CNY break saw me giving some love to past TTR designs which I really adore but didn't get to wear out more than once.


When the new designs start tumbling in, it's new-day-new-outfit all over again!

On a random note, saw this floating around on the Internet the other day and immediately sent it to ZL.

Hahahahaha. The one crying is me FYI.

Because he always offers me fruits for breakfast when I stay over at his. Or when I whine about being hungry. Which is totally normal to him because fruits are what he takes for breakfast. But to me, breakfast isn't an apple or a banana. It isn't a handful of grapes or orange slices.


I get slightly grumpy when I don't get my carbs for breakfast. Hahahah.

When he has more time/bread in the mornings he makes me toast with egg/cheese/peanut butter.

When he has no time, I sleep in till he has to leave for work then I go home and make my own breakfast.

I guess this is what relationships are about. You slowly learn what makes your partner tick, or what makes their stomachs growl in the mornings LOL.

Now he doesn't give me fruits as often but it's all good. I love my bread.

And here's another one which I sent him some time back, which I classify as bewildering guy behaviour. Super applicable to him haha.


Sometimes I ask two questions in a row and he'll only reply one out of two until I prompt him again. Sometimes he totally skips my chain of questions altogether and move on to some other topic. 😩 Hahahaha. Anyone's boyfriend is the same??!

Looks like I got other girls agreeing with me on what I posted above.

#thepainisreal #girlsunite

Don't fret, we're all in this together!! πŸ€— LOLOL.

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